Rehab(Harry Styles)

What happens when the famous Harry Styles is sent to rehab? Well, it's going to be a real roller coaster ride. This is a story about love, relationships, and a whole lot of drama.


4. Chapter 4

Aaliyah's POV~ 

I looked down at the stack of pancakes nervously. I didn't want to eat it, I would become more fat than I already was. I didn't believe all the anorexic shit, they were probably sugar coating it. 

Sophia noticed me not eating and sent me a text message 

Sophia: Please eat, it's not healthy to skip a meal and you need to gain some weight.

Me: No. I'll make you a deal, I will try to eat half of this. No promises that it will stay down though.

Sophia: No you have to try to eat the whole thing. I'm only being nice to Harry because its his first day here. Remember this is still a rehab center. And don't forget if you don't eat it then you won't get to go to dance practice today.

Me: Fine 

"Do you have any syrup?" I asked out loud. Sophia gave me some syrup and I poured a lot on my pancakes. My goal was to drown out the taste of the pancakes. I slowly started eating, dreading every bite of it. 

"So lets tell Harry the rules shall we?" Sophia questioned. We nodded and she continued 

"Ok rule number one, always be on time to therapy sessions. Number two, anywhere you go you will always have to be with your partner. In this case your partner will be Aaliyah,"

I nearly choked on my pancakes as she said this. 

"And don't try to argue, it's final," Sophia said.

"So what does being her partner mean?" Harry asked.

"Basically you two go almost everywhere together to learn how to open up your feelings to other people, because sometimes it's easier to tell someone your age than an adult," she replied. 

We finished going over the rules, and she explained how Mondays is grocery day and we all have to come. Thursday is movie night and we have to attend that as well. Otherwise we are free to do what we want, well as much freedom you can have in a rehab center.

"Oh that reminds me Harry, give me your phone," Sophia said.

"Why?" He asked.

"This is a rehab center, do you really think you're allowed to use phones? I know I'm being nice now, but tomorrow when all the rules are put in place I won't hesitate to be strict," she said. 

He gave his phone but he didn't look very happy about it. I let out a small snicker, and Sophia glared at me.

"Wait why does she get her phone?" Liam asked pointing to me.

"She has been here long enough to gain the privilege to use it. As for you," she pointed to Harry, "You haven't even started your healing process so don't expect it back for a while," she finished. 

We all went back to eating our breakfast, even me, but only because I was being forced to eat it. 

I wasn't feeling as sick when I ate, but I still wasn't happy about it. Finally I finished eating, but some of the others weren't done yet so I had to wait.

I was playing around on my phone as the others were sitting in silence. Talk about awkward right? I checked my email when I came across an email address I've never seen before. Looking at the name it was @jameslovesyou95 

Suddenly I was feeling sick again. I knew that name, that email, I was just hoping it wasn't the same person. I opened up the email and I could feel my breakfast starting to come back up my throat. My hand clamped over my mouth as I fast walked to the nearest bathroom. 

So many thoughts were going through my head right now. Sophia has followed me in here and was holding my hair back as I threw up my breakfast. All that work for nothing. My stomach felt horrible and it hurt a lot. I clutched my stomach from the pain as I finished my business. Sophia helped me clean myself up. I was thankful that no one else followed us in here.

After I calmed down a bit I turned to face Sophia who looked at me sympathetically. She was like a mother to be even though she could be strict at sometimes. She rubbed circles gently into my back while asking softly 

"What happened back there?"

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