Rehab(Harry Styles)

What happens when the famous Harry Styles is sent to rehab? Well, it's going to be a real roller coaster ride. This is a story about love, relationships, and a whole lot of drama.


2. Chapter 2

Aaliyah's POV~

Oh great someone else to get on my nerves. I thought as I walked downstairs to see Sophia showing around new people. Well let me introduce my self. 

I'm Aaliyah Brown, I am 16, I am 5"1, I love to dance, and currently I am living in the London Rehab Center. It looks like a nice place on the outside but on the inside its a jail cell. 

I really didn't want new people to come, because first they probably wouldn't fit in here, and second I didn't want them to ask why I'm in here. I don't tell people why I'm in here, I don't want them to judge me. 

I won't tell you all the details, but basically I've suffered and are still recovering from the following: 




-Stockholm's Syndrome 

-Have broken various bones but are now healed. 

I really don't look like someone who is bulimic, or depressed, I have medicine for that. But that's not the reason I'm in here. I was put in here because I was fucked up on some prescription pills. 

I don't show my emotions through sadness in front of others. To other people I seem angry or annoyed. 

I was on my way to the dining hall for breakfast and today I was surprisingly hungry. 

I stood behind some tall guy who was wearing stripes and suspenders. He was standing next to 4 other guys, and they were talking about some shit that I don't really care about. 

Ugh they were really pissing me off, and I have no clue why but they just seemed...annoying. I pushed past them into the dining hall looking somewhat angry that I stood behind them for a good 2 minutes. 

Inside the dining hall Derek and Piper were already there eating breakfast. I assumed Brandon and Emma had gone somewhere because they're just like that. 

Don't get me wrong Piper and Derek are nice people, but they have there problems too and I just get annoyed with the presence of people sometimes. Piper was in rehab because of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Derek needed therapy because he was a victim of a recent shooting, he was ok eventually but he's still healing. Brandon is a drug addict, and Emma is dealing with depression but she shows it a lot and she prefers to be alone, which I understand. 

I went and sat down next to Brandon and Piper when she said 

"Good morning, looks like you're finally up," 

She was too happy for me to deal with this morning 

"Fuck off Piper," I said. 

"Wow someone's angrier than normal today," Derek teased. 

"Seriously just shut up, there's new people coming today and they're fucking annoying," I retorted. 

"Ah, well that could mean that they might actually be nice, because you think everyone is basically a bitch," Derek said. 

Sophia came in with the new people, and told them to sit down to introduce themselves. 

"Good morning!" Sophia said happily. 

Piper and Derek said good morning back while I said "What's so great about it," 

"Oh wow someone's grumpy today," Sophia said. 

"Fuck off I'm not in the mood to play games," I said. 

"Well you could at least look a bit happier to great out guests. Guys this is Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn the boys from One Direction. Harry will be staying with us for a while, the other boys will leave later today," Sophia said. 

"Wait, I zoned out, did you say the word leave? Like someone gets to leave this prison and never come back?" I questioned. 

"No, none of you will be leaving," she said pointing to me Piper, Derek, and Harry "And it's not that bad here," 

Piper and Derek introduced themselves to the boys and I just zoned out...again. 

I glanced over the boys studying their facial features, but then I came across Harry's face. He was gorgeous, those brown eyes...No Aaliyah snap out of it! You are not falling for someone not again! 

I was interrupted by Piper clearing her throat trying to get my attention 

"Aren't you going to introduce your self?" She said. 

"Nah I'm good," I said sassily. 

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the the black haired one staring. Staring at my scars. Sure I didn't cover them up, but he and his friends should know that it's not nice to stare. 

"Come on Aaliyah, show them some respect," Sophia said. 

The fact that he so blatantly stared at them like I didn't even care hurt, he stared at my scars like I wouldn't care. Well, news flash I fucking care! 

"No I don't give respect you have to earn my respect, and you certainly won't accomplish that by being a narcissistic asshole," I said angrily. 

With that I got up and walked towards the door, and on my way out I heard one of the guys I think Harry say 

"Is everyone here a bitch like her?" 

Well Harry you don't fucking know my story and if you did you would take back what you said. But on the other hand I'm not going to tell you my story and I sure as hell don't care about yours, even if you have nice hair, amazing eyes...No stop it! 

If that bastard wants fuck with my feelings then all I'm going to say is go ahead, because honestly he has no idea what's coming his way.

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