Rehab(Harry Styles)

What happens when the famous Harry Styles is sent to rehab? Well, it's going to be a real roller coaster ride. This is a story about love, relationships, and a whole lot of drama.


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV~ 

Ugh this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of, I thought in my head. The boys and Simon thought I had a "drinking problem" so they decided to ship me off to rehab. Rehab isn't the place for me. 

This is all because of my stupid ex girlfriend, she had to go and cheat on me. She was my everything. No one in this world could have ever replaced her, until I caught her in the act and I was left heartbroken. 

I felt the tears coming back to my eyes. I knew I shouldn't have been thinking about it, it was bad news. 

The problem was I still missed her, despite all she did, I did love her, and I will continue to love her unless I fall in love with someone else. Which I can guarantee is never going to happen because I'm on my way to Rehab.

Louis POV~ 

We were on our way to the London Rehab Center for Harry. It's not like we wanted to get rid of him, but he really did have a drinking problem. He almost drove his car into a house because he was drunk driving. I mean when he put other people's lives in danger that's when we drew the line.

We all knew that he was like this because of his break up with Layla his girlfriend who cheated on him. God now that I think about it she was such a bitch. 

We pulled up to the rehab center and got out of the car. I patted Harry on the back and said 

"We're doing this for your own good," 

We walked inside where there was a woman waiting to greet us. 

"Hello and welcome to London Rehab center Mr. Styles we've been expecting you," she said. 

She then explained that there were different parts of the building, so that there weren't too many people in one section. 

We went by elevator to the part of the building that Harry would be staying at. The lady who's name was Sophia told us that there would be about 5 more people staying in Harry's section of the building, but there were really only 3 who socialized with people.

"In your section there's Aaliyah, Piper, Derek, Brandon, and Emma. Brandon and Emma don't socialize a lot with the rest, but they show up for the therapy sessions we have everyday. All of them are also in here for various reasons which you may or may not find out, and it is your choice whether you want to tell them why you're in here." She said. 

I glanced over at Harry who didn't look happy at all. I felt a bit bad, but I guess he would have to deal with it because we were leaving tomorrow to let Harry "heal on his own" 

Sophia gave Harry the keys to his room, and told us that the dining hall of that part of the building was straight ahead. 

"Shall we?" I questioned. 

Harry replied with a simple no. 

"Harry come on dude, you have to deal with the fact that you're basically stuck here," Liam said. The other boys including me nodded our heads in agreement. 

We continued walking towards the dining hall and we stopped in front of the closed doors. 

"Well lets go see what the other people in your wing are like," I said. 

I slowly reached my hand to open the door not knowing what to expect on the other side, when a girl pushed past me and opened the door before I could. 

Only one thing I could say upon catching a glimpse of her face was that she looked angry. Really angry. Oh boy, Harry's really going to have a fun time I thought sarcastically.

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