moments.. </3 (louis fan fiction)

Ellen is just a girl with a past.. a girl with a current... a girl with a future.. who is struggling to get by.. who just wants the pain to end.. she wants to be happy.. everyone thinks she is.. everyone knows she is. in their eyes.. but no one knows what the truth is.. they say they will be their.. where are you at 3 in the morning.... She doesn't get along with her family.. and nor does she like them.. what will she do.. remember shes just like you.. with a past, current, and future..


1. Ellen

So I'm Ellen :) <3 I'm 19  years young :p haha so I live in Landon. But I was born in Westmeath, Mullingar !!!!! I love pink and orange...  and I love a lot of thing though? Me and my family do not get a long at all... they are always getting good things.. and im always getting bad.. I guess bad is like my middle name.. I just really want to be happy I guess.. but I don't think it will happen.. just like im always losing people.. I don't have anyone.. when I say that I mean it...


hey you guys! SO im makenna and we have a co-aouther @Unionj/1Dlover hehe ^-^ love you all

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