moments.. </3 (louis fan fiction)

Ellen is just a girl with a past.. a girl with a current... a girl with a future.. who is struggling to get by.. who just wants the pain to end.. she wants to be happy.. everyone thinks she is.. everyone knows she is. in their eyes.. but no one knows what the truth is.. they say they will be their.. where are you at 3 in the morning.... She doesn't get along with her family.. and nor does she like them.. what will she do.. remember shes just like you.. with a past, current, and future..


3. Chapter 2!! Makenna T.!!<3

~Ellen's POV~
  It's now 4PM and the whole school (Minus the nerds) were here. Like always Michael was acting like we weren't related and treating me like a maid. By the way if you ever try to wear 6inch heals while working at a party full of underage drunk teens making out, let me tell u now it's not easy at all.
  By 3AM almost everyone was asleep on the floor or in the bath room or on the tables or somewhere. But I was walking into the crowded kitchen trying not to step on anyone when one on Michaels football (American Soccer) buddies came up to me and pushed me up against the wall. Then Michael and all his other football buddies took turns kicking me. 10 times in the ribs,10 times in the head, and 10 times in the back. They also stomped on my arms and legs. I'm pretty sure they broke my wrist and maybe my ankle. But then Michael's girlfriend Layla and all of her friends came in and started pulling my hair and I'm pretty sure one of them cut my wrist. But I didn't even want to look. 
    By the time they quit it was almost 4AM and I had lost a lot if blood. When they stopped they went to sleep so I had my chance to finally get out. I went to my room and packed a very small bag then snuck out the front door and started running through alley ways. I'd been running for maybe 20 minutes when I ran into a very tall man. Well he might have been kinda short for his age but he was a good foot and a half above me. Then I passed out.

~Harry's POV~
    I was running away from a huge group of fans and I ran into the alley ways and ran for along time. Then ran in an empty alley way and saw a girl running the opposite  direction. She looked like it really hurt to run. She was wearing a blue knee length skirt and her blouse looked red and white. She kept running until her little figure ran right into me. Then she passed out and I grabbed her before she could fall. She looked around my age she had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes She looked oddly familiar like I'd seen her before! Then the black van pulled up and out came Paul. "Come on Harry we need to go before they find us." He said. "Look. This girl ran into me. She's bleeding. She needs help." I said looking at him with pleading eyes. "Ok. Lets get her to the car. Then we'll go from there." He said finally giving in. "Ok. But doesn't she look oddly familiar to you?" I asked. "I've seen so many faces sometimes I can't even remember what I look like." He said leading me to the van and putting me in. When I got into the car the boys looked at me, then to the girl I had in my arms. "Who's that mate?" Liam asked. "I don't know. I literally ran into her in the alley way then she passed out." I replied.

    ~Niall's POV~
   When Harry brought that girl in the car I had this weird feeling. Like she's what I'd been missing. I think I love her. "Who's that mate" Liam asked Harry pulling me out of my thoughts.  "I don't know. I literally ran into her in the alley way then she passed out." He replied. "She's bleeding and it looks as if she's been beat up. It looks like she's got a broken wrist to." Zayn said examining her. "Yeah. She needs a hospital. Like now." Louis screamed. "Paul where's the nearest hospital?" I asked speaking up for the first time. "Err... about an hour or so." He said looking at the GPS. "Ok. But for now we have to stop the bleeding and try to wake her up." Liam said. We then found a bottle of water and a few towels. "Ok Niall and Liam you guys try to wake her up and Harry Zayn and I will try to stop the bleeding." Louis said as he went to look at her stomach. When he lifted her shirt he gasped in horror at what he saw. There were bruises and cuts and you could count her ribs. "Well we can at least tell if she has a broken ribs." Louis said as he and Zayn looked at her ribs. "Well I'm not a doctor but it looks like she has a few broken ribs." Zayn said. "How can you tell?" I asked. "Well Niall take a look at your ribs." He said as I lifted my shirt up and looked at my ribs. "Now look at hers." He said as I looked at her ribs. "They look different. Don't they?" He asked as I nodded. Then I went back to trying to wake her up. I was sprinkling water on her face then I touched her face and whispered in her ear "please wake up." She shivered and her eyes fluttered open.

  **While they were trying to wake her up**  
~Ellen's POV~
It was like I was floating on a cloud in some type of dream land. I remember being beat up but had no pain. I was wearing all white. Was I dead? I was asking myself so many questions when a little girl came up to me and pulled on my pant leg. She looked maybe 5, and oddly familiar. She said nothing as she grabbed my hand and led me to a house. In the house there was a boy with blonde hair and crystal blue eyes he looked just like me. Then the little girl spoke up. "You can't stay here. Don't ya know that?" She asked in a Irish accent. I looked at her dumbfounded. "What do you mean? Isn't this heaven?" I asked. "No silly. It's the gateway between heaven and earth. I mean it's not your time. You have so much more to do with your life." She said. "Well who's he?" I asked pointing to the boy. She laughed and said " I can't tell you that silly. But you'll find out sooner or later. So it's up to you what path you take. Do you want to live? Or do you want to go to heaven with me?" She asked and as she asked this she grew older. She was around my age now and I instantly knew who it was. It was the only friend I ever had. It was Samantha. Last year she had gotten hit while we were walking to the mall. She died almost instantly from the impact. I've blamed myself everyday since then. "Samantha? Is that really you?" I asked as tears filled my eyes. "Yes babe. It is me. Now listen here. What happened that day happened for a reason. It's not Ur fault. And because of it I know things I never knew before. Oh if I could I would choke your "parents" right now. Why didn't you tell me they abused you?" She replied. "Because I didn't want you to judge me. I couldn't lose you. But I did anyways. And why did you put air quotes when you said Parents?" I replied. "I wouldn't have judged you. And I can't tell you that. But I can tell you you'll find out soon. But back to the choosing which path to go on. Which one?" She asked. "I don't want to leave you but I want to figure out who he is." I said pointing back to the house. I hadn't even realized that we had gone to what looked like a park. "So I guess i want to live." She smiled and said " I was hoping you would say that." And then I hugged her one last time as she disappeared. I felt the pain come back to my body and now I could see light. As I was waking up I felt someone touch my face then a very think Irish accent whispered in my ear "please wake up." I shivered as I felt his touch then fluttered my eyes open. I looked up at the boy from my dream. "Your the boy from my dream I said. __________________________
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