moments.. </3 (louis fan fiction)

Ellen is just a girl with a past.. a girl with a current... a girl with a future.. who is struggling to get by.. who just wants the pain to end.. she wants to be happy.. everyone thinks she is.. everyone knows she is. in their eyes.. but no one knows what the truth is.. they say they will be their.. where are you at 3 in the morning.... She doesn't get along with her family.. and nor does she like them.. what will she do.. remember shes just like you.. with a past, current, and future..


2. Chapter 1

Ellen POV
I wakeup at 7 make sure I'm ready for a long day of hell.Though I don't have school I still have to get up.I have to clean the whole house.Winch is a huge mess. Since it was my brothers 15th birthday Michael. He has always spoiled. I've never had a birthday from what I can remember. My brother and I don't get along. He is always running over me. I don't get what I done to get hate like this but I guess I did something.I get up out of bed and change into a pair of sweats and a tank top. They were my brother but they got to small, I wonder if anyone feels bad for me?? Nah they don't everyone hates me. I grab the broom and start sweeping the glass up into a big pile. I put it into a bag and put away the left over food and watch a little glimpse of the two popular girls dance in the rain. Will I ever be happy? I sigh and look at the time its 8 A.M I scream since I have 30 more mins. intill everyone wakes up and I need to clean they whole house.. I quickly wipe down the counters and was the dishes.. Someone knocks on the door. I open it, Its one of Michaels friends I let him in and tell him "he isn't up yet"  he nods and I finish cleaing Michael comes out first.. I smile at him and he ignores me.. like always.. My parents.. just come down yelling so I go to my room and clean.. That's how all my days are.. Can I just be normal? I sigh knowing ill never be normal Like I wish to.. I cry alittle and I hear a knock on my door.. I open it and Its my mom.. "Hun would you like breakfast?" She askes and flashes a smile :) "No thank you mom I don't feel so well" I say to her nicely and she nods and leaves.. I don't eat all the good.. I went to the doctors and they told me I have anorexia.. But it was hard for my parents to deal with.. But I guess they have gotten used to it.. I frown at the thought.. ITs now 3 P.M and I take a nice warm bubble bath.. After that.. I put on a Blue skirt that stops at the knee and a white blouse, Since we are going to have company today. My mom says I have to wear her blue heels. Since she wants me to be flawless.. She's always wanted to have a girl.. I wonder if I was adopted.. Since I don't look nothing like my mom or dad.. They have black hair and I have blonde hair.. They have brown eyes I have crystal blue eyes.. they are pale.. and im not so pale.. I've never heard any music.. But I do know some songs from my brother.. but mainly rock.. winch I don't like a lot My mother isn't going to be here.. so I don't have to eat.. I walk down stairs. and my dad asks "what would I like" I say "I had a big breakfast". and I smile he nods and I walk outside.. they say I should be thankful I get abused.. So ill be able to fight.. I don't think that's much of why they do it.. but its a reason they say.. and Im not a good child.. so I believe their words..




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