moments.. </3 (louis fan fiction)

Ellen is just a girl with a past.. a girl with a current... a girl with a future.. who is struggling to get by.. who just wants the pain to end.. she wants to be happy.. everyone thinks she is.. everyone knows she is. in their eyes.. but no one knows what the truth is.. they say they will be their.. where are you at 3 in the morning.... She doesn't get along with her family.. and nor does she like them.. what will she do.. remember shes just like you.. with a past, current, and future..


4. Ch.3 Makenna B. <3

Ellens POV

Your the boy from my dream I say.. I feel a sharp pain in my wrist and ankle. I remember the fight and the part but the rest is black and fuzzy "where am ?" I ask weakly. I look around im surrendered by boys.. Boys?? THe cute one I don't know his name but he was in my dream.. The same blue eyes blondish/brownish hair.. the same voice  the same everything! "Love, Who where you running from" He asks with this cute Irish voice all I can manage to get out is "them" and Im blacked out.. Im back to the floating feeling but no one shows up.. No one.. Im just alone walking in a black alley no lights or anything.. Im lost.. But then I hear very low voices and high sounds in the back ground "Im sorry sir you cant go beyond this point" "YOU CANT TAKE HER" I feel all eyes on me.. When I woke up. Im in a white room with me hooked up to a lot of devices .. a heart monitor beep beep beep..I.V.'s in my arm.. A strong smell of medicine.. a person in all blue comes up to my and says "Hello Ellen I am doctor Steeve and I will be your doctor as long as your in this hospital I nod but not much since a sharp pain speeds across my body.. I wince at the pain and a tear slips out.. all I wanted was to be happy and I cant even get that!! I cant get the one thing ive always wanted. I've never felt that before.. Never felt happiness only sadness.. Have you ever felt so worthless you just take out the pain on yourself?? Try feeling that every day of your life.. I feel the tears swelling in my eyes.. I cant cry no I just cant.. Its a sign of weakness.. I suck up the tears and go to sleep.. How could this day get worse.. oh wait I know it cant

Nialls POV
Wait what does she mean.. I was the boy in her dreams.. and them? who are them? SO many questions running through my head non stop.. and we don't even know her name! Harry said she passed out when he found her.. we think she has atleast 2 or 3 broken ribs and a broken wrist and ankle.. She hasn't talked a lot only to ask where am I and them.. I feel this weird feeling.. That Ive never felt before.. Like Shes been what I have missing.. What I needed my whole life but then apart of me says stay away shes trouble.. you could count her ribs like the night sky so clear.. see every bone on her body.. she has the biggest thigh gap. we wait in the waiting room and harry screams "you cant take her!!" we have been waiting for 3 hours.. and still no sign she is okay.. We see little kids running around moms with baby bumps.. and then theirs us.. just sitting their with blood red eyes.. blood on our hands.. just shaking.. of what we just saw.. Can we just be happy?? For Gods sake!!! We don't even know who she is!! Why is it that we have the softest hearts? The doctor comes out and talks to us "Hello im doctor Steeve and I am Ellens doctor.. We have taken X-Rays and she has 4 broken ribs and a broken wrist and ankle and she will need a blood transfusion".. She signs.. "But with the blood type  has it be  going to be very hard to find" I just wanna scream im so mad! " can we see if me and her has the same blood type?" I ask and she nods and brings me into the room.. She lays me down on a table and I just clinch my hand while she takes blood.. After that I go to the waiting room and sit for about 30 minutes.. but I find out I have the same blood as her.. atleast I can help her :) the blood transfusion went great everyone says.. I smile and say good..


A/N hey everyone :) I just want to say Im Makenna B. and the Co-author is Makenna T. We will put our name by the ch. what ever part so you'll know who wrote this :O but yah!!! If you guys like this book then put it on your favs. and like it!! And please if you cold share or recommend people to read this that  would be awesome and If you want me to read one of yours!! then comment the name of it below and I will try my hardest to read them <3 <3 <3  but yeah!! What do you think so far??? this is gonna be a very emotional book :( so yeah!! Love you all!! <3~ Makenna B.

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