My Crazy Heart ( Sequel to My Crazy Europe Adventure)

For Jamie Moyers, life is simple. Kind of. If you count out a famous father, a family scandal, a best friends death and a fandom that partly wants her dead. Other than that her life is simple. In college, having the time of her life with her two best friends, Jane and Collin. Plus, Thomas, the tall, beauty had captured her in ways she couldn't describe. One morning, a phone call brings her news that was too strange, too scary and definitely not right. She ends up in England, again. A place she'd never thought she'd be any time soon. What she finds is a new heartbreak and an unexplainable mystery from an old friend of whom she never thought she'd see again. As she stumbles through it all, her love grows for a certain British boy as her lust for hunky boyfriend turns into something more. A decision has to be made...


3. time

Jamie's POV

Time seems to speed ahead of you, for the most part; other times it just stops. Keeping you motionless and unable to function, frozen time is worst than moving time. It's your mind, really, that makes it truly stop. Everyone else keeps moving forward with their own crazy life, while you sit in utter shock.

That's how it was for me. Sitting there, half-naked, with the phone to my ear, not believing what I just heard. Tom moved my cheek to face him. I'm not sure what I looked like to him, or what he looked like. All I did was stare off in space, Eleanor's words circling around and around in my head.

Niall... Hospital... Intensive care... Desiree.


Niall's Baby

Desiree's Baby



My dead best friend is alive.


I'd never thought I'd actually use the emergency credit card my dad gave me, but things happen. Of course, when he gave me this, he probably thought a broken leg, but like I said things happen. I bought a plane ticket to London. A place that held a part of my past that I didn't particularly want to think about.

As the plane took off, I thought about everything that was crammed inside my head in the past four hours. Desiree was alive and had a baby that, proven in a DNA test was Niall's, who had just gotten over Desiree and is in a relationship. That sentence was only 26 words, five of those words were repeated, but it just didn't seem to fit in the small space left in my brain.

Thomas, however, understood immediately. Throwing his jeans back on, he forced me to snap out of my haze and get dress while he packed my clothes in a suitcase. After pushing me out the door, he drove me to St. Louis' airport. His jaw was set in a demanding tone as his eyes stared blankly ahead. Every now and then he'd glance at my face to check on me, but other than that he seemed determined not to say anything. I asked him if he knew who was in London.

"Yes," His voice was strained. He had heard the stories of me and a certain British boy. "but your best friend, who you thought was dead, is there. You being with her is more important to me than you being in the same room with him. Besides you're over him." I wish. "You'll be fine, so will she."

I believed that. I believed that she will make it, then she'd have to face the consequences of whatever the hell this is. Thomas said he would handle everything at school and tell Collin and Jane. So, everything would be handled. I hope.

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