My Crazy Heart ( Sequel to My Crazy Europe Adventure)

For Jamie Moyers, life is simple. Kind of. If you count out a famous father, a family scandal, a best friends death and a fandom that partly wants her dead. Other than that her life is simple. In college, having the time of her life with her two best friends, Jane and Collin. Plus, Thomas, the tall, beauty had captured her in ways she couldn't describe. One morning, a phone call brings her news that was too strange, too scary and definitely not right. She ends up in England, again. A place she'd never thought she'd be any time soon. What she finds is a new heartbreak and an unexplainable mystery from an old friend of whom she never thought she'd see again. As she stumbles through it all, her love grows for a certain British boy as her lust for hunky boyfriend turns into something more. A decision has to be made...


4. See You Again

Harry's POV

One Direction's Niall Has Brain Tumor?

Biggest Boy Band Has STD?

Harry Styles Has a Baby?

I snorted at the last one. The press will come up with anything. Rude, conceded, and disgusting, for the most part. Luckily they weren't too close to the truth. If they were, I couldn't even imagine.

I looked up from the headlines to check on everybody. It was two in the morning, and Zayn, and Liam were sleeping, Louis was doing something on his phone while Eleanor was gone. She had been brave enough to go get us all coffee. I was glad; none of us would have made it five feet out of the hospital. We were all sitting in a private office, waiting for Niall to come back with news. I haven't seen him since I found out, but Louis said he had been in the private patient room, just staring at... his daughter. It felt weird just thinking it. Looking at, Lexi, crouched in the corner with her headphones blaring, she felt the same.

Dating Niall in Desiree's shadow had been tough for her, now that Desiree is back? Lexi was worried. Then you add the baby? That's a lot to take in, even for me, and I'm not part of this equation. I'm just a n add-on.

Sighing, I logged into Twitter. #Prayers4OneDirection was trending, and so was #JamieInLondon and #HarryDon'tDateHer. I blinked. I knew she was coming, but it just didn't register. Now, It was pretty clear that she is. She had broken up with me last July after I got out of the hospital. The reason was understandable, yet I still thought that it wasn't good enough. I can't handle seeing her, what if I get mad then make a scene? Time to find out. The door swung open. Eleanor stepped through the door with the Starbucks coffee and Jamie. I tried not to gasp.

Unfortunately for me, Jamie looked amazing. Her red hair framed her make-up-free, fair skinned face perfectly, as her green eyes shone with anger. She wore a leather jacket, ripped jeans and black boots. Looking like a badass, she scanned the room taking in the faces until she met mine. She inhaled softly when she saw mine. Her eyes softened, and her posture relaxed slightly.

"Look who I found arguing with a nurse." Eleanor gestured to Jamie with a smirk.

"I wasn't arguing!" Jamie exclaimed silently, so she didn't wake Liam or Zayn, as she forced a smile. "I was just having a screaming match with her. Which I was clearly winning."

I cracked a smile. I guess I wasn't too mad at her, or maybe I was just still too in love with her. Was it possible that you could still be in love with someone after eight months? "Well, that's the Jamie I know." Louis said as he hugged her.

She sighed. "How's the baby?"

"She's ok." Lexi spoke. I think we were all surprised; she hasn't said a word the whole time I've been there. "She was born early, so there are some health risks, but other than the fact that she's small, she's healthy. 5 pounds, 6 ounces. Big blue eyes, like Niall's, but not. Does that make sense?"

Jamie nodded. "You're Lexi, right? I'm Jamie."

"Nice to meet you." Lexi smiled politely.

"What about Des?" Jamie looked around for an answer. "How is she?" Everyone fell silent as the realization hit us; she doesn't know. No one knew what to say exactly.

"She's missing." I said finally. The look on her face changed from shock to confusion to anger then a complete mix of the emotions.

"What-" Shaking her head, she stared us down. Eleanor and Louis slowly backed away as Lexi sunk back down in her chair. Finally, Jamie's eyes stared down at me, almost pleading with me. "How did my best friend, who just gave birth, get up sneak out of a hospital and past the fucking mafia- press, without anyone noticing?"

She fought hard to keep the tears in check, but her emotions fought harder. "I don't know. They are looking at the security cameras to find out." I couldn't stand sitting anymore, so I stood, walked over to her and enveloped her in a hug.

She went stiff at first but with a sigh she relaxed and hugged back. She smelled like plane and a bus, but other than that it was the greatest hug ever.

"Why?" Jamie mumbled. "Why would she want to run away?"

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