My Crazy Heart ( Sequel to My Crazy Europe Adventure)

For Jamie Moyers, life is simple. Kind of. If you count out a famous father, a family scandal, a best friends death and a fandom that partly wants her dead. Other than that her life is simple. In college, having the time of her life with her two best friends, Jane and Collin. Plus, Thomas, the tall, beauty had captured her in ways she couldn't describe. One morning, a phone call brings her news that was too strange, too scary and definitely not right. She ends up in England, again. A place she'd never thought she'd be any time soon. What she finds is a new heartbreak and an unexplainable mystery from an old friend of whom she never thought she'd see again. As she stumbles through it all, her love grows for a certain British boy as her lust for hunky boyfriend turns into something more. A decision has to be made...


5. Names

Jamie's POV

I slowly made my way over to the Nursery Wing of the hospital. It was quiet, except for a few squealing babies. I found Niall standing in the room Eleanor directed me to. His expression was so loving, that I was taken back. I don't know what I thought Niall would've looked like, but this wasn't it.

"Which one is she?" Asked as if we were standing in front of a glass wall, like the ones they have in the movies. Niall glanced up as a small smile played on his lips.

"The one that says 'Baby Horan'" He smiled, pointing to a baby with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. She was so tiny, and pale, that surely she'd break if anyone held her. She blinked slowly, her little eyes getting tired, until she was fast asleep. "The nurse just woke her to check her heart beat."

I wondered what they were doing for food, but I kept that question for later. "No name, yet?" I asked. I remembered how Des and I used to have our baby names picked out before we even knew what made babies. My girl names were Elizabeth Jane, Eleanor Beth, and Evelyn Kate; odd I didn't plan on all of them being E names, but it worked for me. Desiree's were the odd ones, I'd thought she'd change the names to better ones but just last year she still liked them.

"No," Niall sighed. "I don't know what to name her. What would Des name her?"

"Adalyn, Faylinn, Madden, and Finndella." I laughed. "Nope, no normal names here.

"I actually like Adalyn." Niall's face was serious.

"Well, then, ok." I smiled. "Look's like you have a little Adalyn. Addie for short? Yeah? Then there. Now, all you need to think about now is the middle name and which last name she's going to have."

"I was going to wait for Des parents to come. They'll have ideas."

"Oh," I blinked. So much has happened since the last time I've seen him, and now I have to tell him. "They aren't coming."

"Why not?" Niall voice was sharp.

"They died." I sighed. "A bit after Christmas, they were in a car crash."

Niall's face softened. "Oh." He fell silent. I turned back to Adalyn. Sweet baby Adalyn, who didn't deserve her mother running away, abandoning her. It didn't make sense; Des wanted children, so she wouldn't have ran away, unless she was protecting Adalyn. I highly doubt that, but then again, Des was dead. If the person we buried wasn't her who was it? Doug, her capturer, was killed in the fire, maybe there were two and Des just somehow managed to escape, and we buried the other Des-napper? Even then, wouldn't she have gone to the police station? "Adalyn Rose Horan."

"What?" I snapped out of my head to focus on Niall.

"Adalyn for her first name." He began. "Desiree's middle name, Rose, for her middle name. Then, Horan, because she's my daughter and I want everyone to know that."

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