My Crazy Heart ( Sequel to My Crazy Europe Adventure)

For Jamie Moyers, life is simple. Kind of. If you count out a famous father, a family scandal, a best friends death and a fandom that partly wants her dead. Other than that her life is simple. In college, having the time of her life with her two best friends, Jane and Collin. Plus, Thomas, the tall, beauty had captured her in ways she couldn't describe. One morning, a phone call brings her news that was too strange, too scary and definitely not right. She ends up in England, again. A place she'd never thought she'd be any time soon. What she finds is a new heartbreak and an unexplainable mystery from an old friend of whom she never thought she'd see again. As she stumbles through it all, her love grows for a certain British boy as her lust for hunky boyfriend turns into something more. A decision has to be made...


1. Disbelief

****Please, read My Crazy Europe Adventure first, before you read this, or you probably will be lost!!!****

Eleanor's POV

The room was silent. Nobody dared to move. The news that had just crashed down upon us was too unrealistic. Denial was written across all of our faces as we stared at the woman in the white coat. She stared expectantly at Niall as he tried to register her words. Lexi, his girlfriend was truly shocked. Her mouth almost hit the floor as she subconsciously scooted away from him. As she looked down trying to hide her tears before anyone noticed, her natural purple-red hair( I think she called it rosewood violet hair once when we went for coffee) fell in front of her face, obscuring my view. I turned my head to look at Louis.

 He looked just as shocked. Not nearly as much as Niall was but still shocked. Hell, I couldn't believe it. I'm not even sure how I got here. One minute Lexi and I were attempting to make dessert then the next, Niall gets a frantic call from the hospital and we are shoved in the car and speeding down the streets.

"I will give you time to process," The doctor said. "but I need to know what you've decided within the next twenty-four hours." With that she promptly walked away.

 I blinked slowly as I watched Niall start to pace back and forth until eventually he walked away. Lexi tried to calm herself by breathing in, only her breath hitched as she suppressed the urge to cry. Finally, she stood, apologized and practically ran to the bathroom. I wanted to go after her and try to calm her, but she probably wanted to be alone.

"Wow." Was all I could muster. Louis nodded slowly.

"That's- just," He thought for another word but came blank. "Wow."

"I have to call her." I said. Lou gave me a knowing look. "It's better if she hears it from me, than one of those nurses."

"Ok." He shrugged, seeing my reasoning. "I'll call the lads and have them come over to the flat, so we can talk there." he scanned the hospital floor, making sure no one was listening, then walked off.

I grabbed my phone out of my purse. Scrolling through my contacts, I thought about what to say. Unfortunately, there really wasn't a handbook on this situation. I found her number and dialed. It rang for what seemed like forever. I started to think I wouldn't have to do this right now, but she picked up.

"Hey, El. This isn't really the best time." Her breath was heavy, like she was running or something.

 "There won't be a good time. I have some bad news." I sighed. "I think you better sit down for this, Jamie."



Hello!! Hope you enjoyed to first chapter!! What do you think happened? How do you think Jamie will react?



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