My Crazy Heart ( Sequel to My Crazy Europe Adventure)

For Jamie Moyers, life is simple. Kind of. If you count out a famous father, a family scandal, a best friends death and a fandom that partly wants her dead. Other than that her life is simple. In college, having the time of her life with her two best friends, Jane and Collin. Plus, Thomas, the tall, beauty had captured her in ways she couldn't describe. One morning, a phone call brings her news that was too strange, too scary and definitely not right. She ends up in England, again. A place she'd never thought she'd be any time soon. What she finds is a new heartbreak and an unexplainable mystery from an old friend of whom she never thought she'd see again. As she stumbles through it all, her love grows for a certain British boy as her lust for hunky boyfriend turns into something more. A decision has to be made...


8. Consider this...

Desiree's POV

My whole body ached as I sat up from the soft bed. My ankles were still swollen, along with my chest. My back shot pain up and down my spine and shoulders. My eyes were still puffy from crying the night before, and my head throbbed. I remember hearing about how emotional women got after they gave birth, but it just didn't seem real to me. Now, however, it's very real.

I looked around my room. There was a bookshelf with a few boring books, an old TV with a DVD player and a few black-and-white movies, a metal chair and a bedside table. The table had a well-worn copy of one of Shakespeare's classics, a clock and a lamp. I had tried so hard to get out of here, only to end up here again.

The plain gray door opened and in came Sister. She wouldn't tell me her real name, no matter how many times I pestered her. Her long black hair was braid down to the bottom of her back. She carried a tray of food and sat it down in front of me. She gave me a cold hard glare before sitting herself on the metal chair.

My mouth watered as I stared at the loaf of bread. She hadn't fed me since the hospital, her way of revenge for running away, and my stomach growled in anticipation, but I held back. I don't trust her, there's something about her that's just fishy. "Why did we leave her?"

"Because she should be with the father." Sister said coldly. "Now, eat."

"Who's the father?" I asked. I could feel my eyes grow wide as she gave me a snarky grin.

"The best guy in the world." She said adoringly. "Who you don't deserve, what's so ever." Her voice turned cold again. "Now, eat."

"I don't want to." I yelled back at her. "I want my baby. I want to get out and live."

Her laugh echoed across the room, hammering inside my head. "Do you really think you'll get to live? To be a mother? No, no, no, no. See once I found out that you were pregnant I decided to keep you until you've fulfilled your duty. If you feel your stomach, you should realize that you've completed it. I might have let you lived a little more, but after that stunt you pulled? Now, I'm going to kill you. Consider this your last day."

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