Camp Half-Blood's Newest Recruit (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

When Olivia washes up on a strange beach surrounded by a bunch of strangers in orange shirts, she doesn't know what to do. That is till she sees some one that looks a lot like her, only as a guy.


1. Field Trip: What Could Go Wrong!

 "Alright everyone! Attention!" Ms. Seelam yelled, waking me up. "It's time for our field trip! Everyone grab your buddies and follow me!"

I reached into my neighbor's purse and pulled out her hand-sized mirror. I looked at my self to make sure I didn't have any lines on my face from my bracelets and hair-ties that I had slept on. When I was done I slipped it back into my neighbors purse. She didn't even notice!

 I got up and looked around for my partner: The Annoying Georgia Wilkerson. Ugh, I HATED her. She was one of the populars. You know, the ones who wear enough make-up for a Halloween costume, The ones with the perfect silky, dirty blonde hair, and the ones with matching pink tank-tops that said 'PINK' on them. It seemed like every girl in 9th grade wore them. That all is except for me. I looked down at what I was wearing: a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and frayed on the end, a black shirt that said 'Are you afraid yet?' in red blood on it, and my many black and spiky bracelets. I may not have looked like the pops, with my sea blue eyes and a dark brown hair, but I felt fine with myself.

 I started walking to the front of the classroom, passing the Jocks and Jerks on the way. One of them stuck out their foot to trip me. It worked... I tripped and almost face planted the floor, catching my self just in time before I lost my front teeth to the white marbled tile. I got up slowly and turned around. I would have punched the guy who tripped me (Dylan, Georgia's boyfriend) if he hadn't been twice my weight and a football player. I glared at him and turned back towards the front of the classroom, and just kept walking. I could hear them laughing behind me but I just ignored them.

 I got to the front and stood in line while Ms. Seelam passed out the worksheets for our field trip to the Aquarium. When she gave me mine, I could have sworn that a long, skinny, forked tongue slithered it way in between her teeth and she hissed at me! Like actually hissed at me! I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, but they all were to busy goofing off and acting like idiots. Well most of them were since we were at the school for 'The Dis-Obedient & Mentally Challenged Children of Miami'.

 This was my 9th school in 9 years. I always got kicked out of my other ones and sent off to a new one. I was really hoping I wouldn't get kicked out, or else my foster parents said that they would take me back to the orphanage. Or as I call the Pit of Hell. It was the worst place on Earth! At least for me it was. It was old and falling apart with the meanest staff and the grossest food. Even worse than cafeteria food. Ughhhh (shutter).

 We started walking to the bus ramp when I heard someone say behind me, "Hey! Olivia! Wait up." It was my best friend Abigail.

"Oh, hey Abbey."

"'Oh, hey Abbey' is all I get? How about some cheer for your best friend!"

"Okay," I said putting a big, fake smile on my face, "Hiya Ab's! How's your day been, 'cause mine's been great!" The sarcasm was easily detected.

"No need to be rude," she grumbled.

"Well, you asked for it."

"So why has your day been so great?"

"Well," I started as we got on the bus and choose some seats towards front. "I woke up late and then my step-dad yelled at me for spending all of his cigar and poker money on my 'stupid' school. Then I missed the bus so my neighbor, Ms. McMillan, had to drive me. Then I forgot my french paper for 1st period and have detention on Saturday."

"Oh......... Wow, that does suck," she said sadly, feeling my pain.

'Yea it really does," I said distantly while looking out the window. I watched as we pulled up to the Aquarium. There were already a bunch of other classes there. I spotted one of my other firends, Riana (pronounced Ree-ann-a), standing off by herslef. Abbey and I got off the bus and walked over towards her. She looked up as we approached and I saw that she had tears in her eyes. Now here's a little back ground information about Riana: She's an only child living with her father after her mother had run off after giving birth to her. She really didn't belong in this school since she was a genius. Also she never cried, and when I say never, I mean NEVER.

So when I saw that she was crying, my mind automatically went to the worst possibility, but my mind hadn't come up with the possiblitity that she told us...

"My dad's.....dead." WAIT....WHAT??? Her dad was the nicest man alive, even nicer than my mom, who let me have candy for dinner on my birthdays.

"I'm so sorry Ria." I told her, using the nickname that we had for her.

"It was some weird accident," she started, "he was out hunting in the woods with his buddies when a giant bull cam out of no where. At least his friends said that it was a ball, and it sure looked like it. I saw his.....corpse and it was so shredded that only his face was intact." My heart went out to her as she lost controll and roke down crying. No one even noticed.

"Shh....It's okay," Abbey whispered, sitting down next to Riana.

"NO!!'" she yelled, that's when everyone noticed. They looked at us like we were retarted. "It's not okay!! My aunt's and uncles won't even take me in!! I have no family left!" she balled.

After a short silence I said, "You have us."


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