My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



5. Party (Part two)

Justin's POV

I was so in shock when I saw her walking over me and Selena. She's stunning. Today I couldn't stop thinking about her. I missed her and... Oh gosh no... I fell for her again. Justin stop! arghh... Well then... Sel and her seem to be like friends now. I need to talk to her, alone. We were at the V.I.P room and I was looking for Audrey... She was there with us it's been like 2 secs? Great.

" Baby did you see Aud?" She giggled and said: " Yeah, there she seems to have FUN haha." She pointed over a corner and Audrey was there with... what Harry? Wtf? I walked over them, furious. Why furious? I can't explained I can't controled it. Liam was checked her out, like intensly. Why did that bothers me that much? She's my best friend. I can't fell for her. I can't but I was furious at this moment. 

"Hey guys..." I said looking at Aud angrily. She looked directly in my eyes with a confused look.

" Hey Justin" They all replied. I took a deep breath and then I started walking around... Until I heard " Audrey would you like to dance with me?" I turned my head around them and it was Liam. She nodded. Nice. I grabbed Selena's hand and I needed to kiss her, like now. I kissed her and I felt nothing. She giggled after and Me, looking at my best friend, dancing with Liam Payne, sadly.


Audrey's POV

Did I do something wrong? Then he walked off. I was confused then Selena said" it's alright, not your fault" and she smiled at me. I looked around the boys smiling at them. Carly was talking now to Louis and the DJ. Great friends I throught. The music at this place was amazing! People were dancing around and they having fun. " A special demand for a friend " the DJ said GOSH She will be loved by Maroon 5! Carly winked at me, she knows me too well " Audrey would you like to dance with me?". I turned around and it was Liam nervous. How cute he was! I nodded and he grabbed my hand to the dancefloor. We were dancing and it was amazing. He's so damnn hot! I looked around us and I saw Carly taking pictures of us and...Justin? He's looking sad... and He was looking at me...

" Audrey I'd like to see you again would you?" I looked over him and I was blushing. " you're cute when you blush, sweet." and I blushed more. " You know we made jealous people here" I looked at him confused" Harry and Niall" I laughed "and Justin" I froze. did he just said Justin? We.. No.

" Justin is my best friend Liam. Selena is..." I was cut it off by him kissing my cheek. " Are you free tomorrow?" I smiled at him" Yes I am, call me." I gave him my number and I walked off. I was so happy but Justin... 

" Hey girl! I was wondering if you would like to stay at my place lik.." I cut Carly off and I said"Yeah!" We hugged each other and she dropped me at the hotel. I took my things and I walked down to the lobby then I saw him again...


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