My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



11. Our Moments

"DAAAAD!" Justin screamed to his dad when he opened the door. "Justin!!!" Jeremy said giving him a hug. " Audrey! Happy to see you" Jeremy giving me a hug too. "C'mon in guys!" We entered and saw Jasmyn and Jaxon watching the TV. They turned their heads and screamed" JUSSSSSTIIINNNN" in unison. they jumped on him and I laughed. " Audreeeeeyyyyyy" Jasmyn said giving me a hug and after, was Jaxon. "Justin I'll let you with your family, I'll see my mom nex...." " No you stay." Justin cutting me off. " I missed yooouu Justiiinnnn" Jasmyn said in her cutty baby tone. I giggled. "Me too sweetie" Justin looked at me sad and grabbed my hand. He wanted a support. Jaxon wanted to be holding, so I let go of his hand and grabbed Jax in my arms. His head was now on my shoulder, I love their kids! I smiled and felt someone's looking at me. Justin. " Time to sleep kids!" Jeremy yelled from the kitchen. Yeah it was already 8PM. Jasmyn grabbed my left hand with still Jaxon in my arms and we walked to their rooms. I put Jax in his bed and kissed his forehead. Then Jasmyn entered in her bed and I kissed her cheek. When I was about to walk off, Jasmyn mumbled  " I love you" I smiled at her and said"Love you too sweetheart,goodnight" and I closed the door. Surprisly, Justin was stairing at me,smiling " You will be a great mom Aud" I giggled and replied " thanks Justy"  We walked to see Jeremy waiting for us with drinks. We drank and talked. Justin didn't stop looking at me when I was talking. " I'm happy to see you both together, at the same time." I laughed and Justin replied " I'm happy too" I smiled at him and looked at the time 9:05PM. "We should get going, see ya tomorrow dad" I looked at Justin confused. " Bye Jeremy" I only could  say before Justin grabbed my wrist and ran to the front door. " Justin where are we going now?" I asked confused. " you'll see" We walked and I realised that his hand was still on my wrist. I didn't bother to let go. Then he stopped his track and looked at me. 

" Today is Friday, remember?" He winked to me. I laughed " Oh no Justy! haha" " ICE CREAM" I laughed more. Yeah each friday we had our ice creams and this were our moments.  After, it was movies and talked about gossips. Carls called this " a FRIENDLY friday DATE" " date" was not totally the great word to call it but it was funny anyways. When we arrived, He ordered and we sat at our familiar place. I smiled about all the memories came back in my mind. He smiled back and said:

" I missed this place.I missed you." He said smirking, I giggled and replied " Me too" then our ice creams arrived. We talked about our lifes since two years and ate. That was amazing. This is the Justin I knew. When we finished, he paid like he did before and we walked back  together, laughed and smiled. " That was great Justy thank you" " that's great with no bodyguards, I feel free" I laughed and pushed him a little. We arrived and he decided me to follow him in his car. I entered and closed the door. "why are we here Justy now" I giggled. " Somewhere" he only replied smirking. He drove away and I knew he hid me something. " We have not finished our day" he mumbled after he stopped the car at the theater. " Movie at this time? it's late Justy." "No late for Justin Bieber" He smirking. We walked to and a man let us entered. I was in shock. "Relax I reserved the place" He laughed. " TITANIC? JUSTIN!!!" He laughed and said " I know you'll cry but it's one of our movies remember?" "I hate you!" I laughed. He put his arms around me and said "Justy is here" and the movie started.  at the end, of course I was crying and we walked off. He giggled and opened the door for me. "tha..nkkks" I tried to say. He laughed and closed my door. He started the car and we drove away. We arrived at home then I stopped my tears and said " I missed you Justin" He stopped his track and looked at me.





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