My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



22. No Boys...No problem

Audrey's POV

It's pretty dark outside now. All I could see it's the Effel Tower in background. I'm sitting there on this bench  since... maybe 5 hours? I couldn't tell you. I just know that... all I could think it's Justin. It was a mistake me and Harry. Big mistake. But.. I felt bad ... gosh  Justin. We are now in fight... again and now... I need him. Plus, He's missing. Guess that He's gone...

why didn't you call him already Audrey? Too nervous? Probably. After all, he wouldn't reach my calls, would he? You know him too well but he changed. alot. But... all I could say is but! argh.

"BEEEPP BEEP!" oh a text!... maybe it's Justi... no.. Carly.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" I laughed then I replied her that I'm still in Paris... blablabla. Just to let her know that I'm okay. And yeah no papzs around me tonight. With my hat,seems like I'm ME again. It felt great but so alone. I need to be... in paradise. No problems with life.

"Carls, I'm going to paradise" Instanly I received her text," Where? Can I come? ;)" I laughed

"Of course, but your tour with the boyss? :)" 

"We don't have anything for a week ,boys stay in Paris ;p xo"

"Great,take my things,join me at the airport xox :)"

"Okaay sweetie xxxx I'MMMM FULL EXCITEDD  " haha she's so funny. For a moment, I wasn't thinking about him ... -_- STOPPPP! 

I put GPS then began to walk to the airport cause I didn't know where I was going. Luckily, It wasn't so far. Great... Just have to wait for Carls.


Carly's POV

Don't tell Aud but... I made a surprise for her. Shut your mouth! haha. 

 where is she? OH THERE SHE IS!  

" AUDDD! I'M HERE! " I began to run over her . She was laughing,not seem upset or sad... She's tough... and plus Harry... it's Justin the love of her life!!! I KNOW THAT!

" I have your bag " I gave her bag. I smiled at her, wanted to know where we are going to go.

" Ok first, where places we could go at night tonight." She asked looking to the big card.

"LAS VEGAS!... maybe not a paradise like you want" She nodded, laughing.

"Look Carls... A friend trip... HAWAII! " I jumped all around. She then jumping too.

"YEAH LETS GO THE PLANE IS ALMOST FLYING OFF!" We ran, pass all the place we need to go then entered in the plane, full of joy. Wait a minute my surprise... 


Audrey's POV

"Carls what are you doing??? stop texting !! " she closed her phone, full of smiling then she joined me for my and her chair. 

"Carls? what were you doing?" 

"Twitter,saying my excitement! " I giggled. 

The plane flies off... Paradise here we come. 


No boys, No problem.

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