My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



35. it's gonna be alright

"Scooter! It's my day with Audrey today!" 

"It's the part of the job. Aud will be comprehensible, true lady?"

"I'M not okay with that."

"See you at 7." Then he went off the room.  I looked to Justin and he was looking like he wanted to punch someone. I approched him slowly and when he saw me he opened his arms for me to come in. I looked up to his face then he kissed me. When he let go, he let out his beautiful smile. Justin was back.

"You always make me smile baby. I'm so sorry for today, I thought that for a day, I could be with you alone... and the house doesn't count." He kissed me again but more roughly. I felt passions and love... true love... all around us. When I let go, I was smiling like hell and Justin started to call for room service.

" Justin today was amazing! I passed a great time with you."

"Me too sweetie" I looked to my phone and it was 6. he had to be at the effel tower ( he will do an open concert) to 7.  When the food arrived, We started to eat and have fun to help  eachothers to eat. We can be so crazy kids... god I love moments with him!

After eating, he went to the shower and during this lonely moment, I decided to go on twitter, instagram and post a picture from our view to Paris. By seconds, thousands of likes and comments flew off. 

Paris. #daydreamer


@judreeeeeeybiebsxo: YOU ARE IN PARIS WITH JUSTIN?? :D #judrey

@lsqedfg874: I love u #support


And more! His fans are amazing! Suddendly, I felt arms around my body. I felt a little kiss on my neck , his wet hair on my back of my shoulder and sparks... I got up instanly to see his perfect body so close to me. he stepped back a little... He put his hands on my shoulders and said:

" Are you be there tonight?" He looked worried. Of course I would be there, why not?

"Yeah why  not?" I giggled but still, he looked worried. What's going on? 

"Are you ok? You seem worried about something..." He let out a giggle then smiled. Now I'm so confused.




"I'm perfectly fine baby, don't worry about me my love, We have to go soon so  HELPPP MAAAY" I laughed so loud to hear his scream. Since I'm with him, I always helped him to find the perfect clothes for  concerts but it's not helped 'cause he had to change himself since he haves tones of clothes to wear for one night! But I like it so like I said before, why not ;) ?


"you're perfect Justin, now we have to go!" When I was about to walk to the door, Justin pushed back to his body, I just rolled my eyes since I knew what he wanted. 

" I'm not leaving if you don't kiss meeeee! " I winced to him then quickly kissed him to after started walking to downstairs. Papzs were standing to the lobby of the hotel and we began to run a little with guards... they appeared to the best moments. When we were outside, I just saw a big white limousine with the driver behind. He opened the big door for us...for us? I didn't have times to think 'cause guards were pushing us in the limousine. I let out a sigh, but a limousine? 

"Do you like it? It's my excuse... for the show."

"No need excuses... It's okay baby don't worry" He kissed my lips then cuddled me. But why he was shaking? 





                                                                  Justin's POV 



That's it! Stop! I'm so stressful and it's all on tonight! 




"Are you okay Justy?" Her tone sounded confusing. I have to change the subject.


"I knew on text that Jason Derulo would be there on the show tonight great.. no?" I gulpped on my last words. But for a surprise she smiled and nodded for a reply. 


It's gonna be alright.... 








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