My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



32. I hope...

"Okay Justin, then we need to get ready!" I got up... nevermind for the lazy day! We go to Paris tonight. Yeah, Paris... I didn't have great memories there but for Justin, I will go. He haves to go there for a week for studio, interviews and plus, his family would be there too. It's gonna be fun! 

"Audrey, relax it's just for tonight" He said giggling. I turned my head to his direction, since I've been preparing my things.  

"Justy... It's now or never!" I said, laughing. I turned back to my things, and when I finished , Justin  was still staying  in bed on his phone.  I sat beside him, trying to catch his attention. He looked up to me, smiling. I smiled back and said: "Justy, I finished... soooo go you're turn to pack!" He looked down again to his phone, then up again to me. "Okay then, what you're going to do baby?" I looked my body, seeing I was still in my pj's, I should probably preparing myself then. I got up but suddendly, I felt a preasure on my arm,  a preasure of a hand to pull me again on the bed.

"I didn't recieve a kiss..." I rolled my eyes then gave him a quick kiss. I took clothes that I need and I looked like this after an hour:

 I stepped out from the big bathroom, to see surprisely Justin beautiful as hell, talking to the phone. When He saw me, his mouth fell down, smirked then closed his eyes, blocking his view of me. I giggled then sat on the bed.

"Ok ok fine, perfect, thank you again.... Oh... I gotta go.... Thanks again, bye mister." He closed his phone, threw it on the bed beside me then he jumped on me, I laughed to see him ,full of exciting. 

"Justy who was that?" He looked up to my eyes since he kissed my sweet spot. 

"A... man who'll helping me in Paris... you know... studio..." He looked strange... He hid me something and I hate that.

"Justy..." But he cut me off by kissed me then  he grabbed me fast to get up. He got my and his bags and he went downstairs, I was still in the room... Why he hid me something? Maybe I'm crazy too... Yeah, that's right I'm crazy!

"BABAYYY COME DOWNSTAIRS WE HAVE TO GOOO" I laughed then went downstairs, smiling... he couldn't lie to me, I know that. 


"Thanks to join me babyy" He drove off then took my hand. I looked to him, then put my head on his shoulder.

"My pleasure Justy" he kissed my forehead then went back to the road. 






 Justin's POV


with my baby Audrey.

And family.

 Recording, interviews and...

Surprise for my beauty, and I'm full nervous about that.

I Hope... 





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