My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



16. I hate him

"Miss? we just landed in Paris.Have a nice vacation." I opened up my eyes and realised the attendant was talking to me. Nobody was there now...I was the last in the plane. I grabbed my bags faster I could possibly do and went to the airport. Yeah.I quit Canada. After what happened with Justin, I wanted to see Harry. He was in Paris with the band, and Carly was there too. I said to my mom that I'll come to see her soon but I decided to live in my own now. It was the best. I couldn't be... nevermind. To complicated.

"AUDREEEEEEYYY I'M HEREEEE" I turned my head to the crowd of people and I could see my REAL best friend waving at me with a sad face. I called her when I really decided to quit my city. My city... not mine...anymore. "Hey thanks again,I.. " "I know come with me. Bienvenue In Paris!" She cut me off after screamed her last words. I laughed. "Merci ma chère! Ville de l'amour!" I winked at her,knew that she didn't understand. "I said thanks dear and city of love!" She giggled and gave me a hug. I let go and went to her car. Some papzs were there but I didn't care. I was happy to be there but I was at the same time pissed. I don't care.... YOU DON'T CARE! 

"Carls I didn't know why you are with the boys... why?" We were at the porch now at the villa. 

"Cauz I'm now whith them in the tour. that's great!" She giggled and I felt nervous now to see Harry again. We opened the door and I could just saw the boys jumping all around and throwing me some stuffs. I laughed. "HELLOOOO AUUDD" I laughed and gave them a hug. I saw Liam looking Harry sad instanly. I grabbed him and tickled him. He immediately brang a big smile. I smiled too. "Hey princess" I turned my head and there he was. Beautiful as hell.

I laughed seeing his shirt. He grabbed my hand and guided me for a tour of the villa. I saw all the rooms but "you could have your room but... if you want.. you could be in mine."

He winked at me and I blushed. of course. He giggled and took my bags then he put them in his room. He turned his body around me checked me out and smirked. "I missed you." I giggled at his words and he approched me. He took my hands interwinded our fingers.


It was great but... all I could thing was my hand in Justin's....


I hate him.



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