My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



15. I don't care anymore

"I-I.... WAS WORRIED!! " he yelled at me when he was still running towards me. I rolled my eyes and laughed at him. He was wet and looked like a really worried guy.. maybe he was. 

"I was going home. I didn't want to disturb you." He looked me with confusing eyes on his face.  I was really cold with all my wet clothes. " Justin Can we go? I'm cold ." I turned back and walked . "Are you jealous?" He yelled again. I automatically turned back my tracks and looked at him with big eyes. " I'm not! I was just bored!" I almost screamed. "of course you're not" He smirked. I just replied by rolling my eyes. "You are jealous because some girls were talking to me Aud?" He just giggled. I quickly turned around again and walked without wanted to be distracted. I just wanted to be alone. God I'm feel furious and I don't know why! " Aud it's rainning ... come to the car now." "Not in hell" I said roughly. I was mad! "What's wrong with you Aud?" He asked.He was following me now. " I don't know... Maybe because you said something that isn't true. I'm in love wi.." "I KNOW!" He screamed. I stopped my tracks. "Justin YOU are jealous." I said. "I'M NOT! " I laughed sarcastically and began to walk again. By seconds We'll be home.I just noticed that Justin wasn't walking with me anymore. I let out a sight and I was home. 


god it's 2am and I heard some screams from the street. That's all! I'm gonna be very mad. With the voice, I knew it was a guy... and I knew this voice but... no it's impossible. It's not possible that it's him right? Maybe I was dreaming... Yeah Im dreaming... "SHUT UP!" I could heard from my window. it was Jerry, my other neighbor. No I'm not dreaming. I got up from my bed and ran to my window. There he was. Justin wasted like hell and... screaming some shit. Great. I ran downstairs and opened the door. 

"JEALOUS... ME??... STUPID..." He yelled all around the street and was faced from me now. "THERE SHE IS! HELLOOOOO" He yelled again. I rolled my eyes and took his wrist. "come with me." I mumbled and grabbed all his body in my house. god we were lucky. no papzs and no cops for now.... for now. "You need to shut up now, my mom sleeping." he laughed. "you know that you could be in problems?" I said grabbing him in my room. "don't care." I sat him in my bed and I sat beside him. " justy why?" I asked. "You already know... plus I'm supposed to be maaaaadddd" I rolled my eyes and got up. " Your impossible love right? and fine. be mad. don't care. " He got up too and took my wrist roughly. " I'm not mad at you... it's me." I laughed thinking that he's just crazy. "for why justy?" trying to act like him cause of his dark eyes, they scared me....


"I-I.... I'm mad because.... I love someone that I loved from ages, and I let her go. " I cut him off by my words.  " Justy you're wasted. go to your house and sleep. you're crazy." I laughed but him was..completely mad...



"you know what's crazy??? it's OUR FRIENDSHIP! I CAN'T BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE! I JUST WANT YOU T..." I cried a little then let go off his grin. "you better go. never come anymore I'm never be your friend anymore. bye." I pushed him out of my room even if he was crying.. or telling me bullshits.


I don't care anymore.



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