My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



26. #fun


*5 months later*



It's been 5 months since me and Justin are together. We are so happy, we enjoy life when we are together. I do love him. I really do. I passed all my times with him... even if he had his tour,  I was still there. Everytime he could, he would be around me , holding me, kissing me and talk. One day, I had an appointment and all day, he was texting me, calling me , worried about me, where I was... He said he couldn't stand if I wasn't there around me. He needs me, I need him. 


"Justyy... you ...need... to... go..." I tried to say during he was kissing me on the bed. He let go slowly, smirking.

"Why Do I have to go?" I laughed since I tried to push him off of me. He had interviews and studio today. Me I have something with Carls this afternoon... It's been like... forever that I didn't her alone. Yeah, Justin was always with me when He could. I told you ;) 

"Cause, it's your job!" I got up and ran to the bathroom.

"BABEEE! COME HEEERRE RIIGHT NOOOOW! " I was still in laugh just to know him like this... funny.


"babyy... I'm gonna miss you ..." I opened the door and ran to him. He was sad. "I don't want you so far away from me..." I giggled then grab his neck and kissed him.


"You need too, plus you'll see me tonight" I winked to him, blushing. He smirked then again kissed me. Always this sensation...

"Fine, but answer my texts, calls... anyt.." I cut him off by kissing him again.

"Yeah yeah, bye Justy" He kissed my cheek then gone. 

God I miss him alreally...

"BEEP BEEP" : " @justinbieber: Miss my girl alreally :/ xox too much to take this day... #toughday" I smiled to his tweet. I also wanted to write something to him.

"@audreeyjoly: Miss my boy :/ #toughday " When I sent this, I heard a knock on my door ... Carls :)


"SWEETTIIE BIEEEBAAAA" She jumped on me giving me a tight big hug. I giggled. Typical Carly.

"Hey Carls, time for lunch? " she let go then grabbed my hand. 

"yeppp" We went for  lunch with papzs around us all the time... I'm the Bieber girl and Carly. Perfect no? 

We had to talk ! So much ! 

"Carly... I didn't thank you for Justin and I..." She smiled then nodded.

"yes you did... You are guys meant to be in love... " She winked to me, smiling.

"You think so?" I took a sip of my cola.

"Yes, I'm sure." Oh tweets... I received a tweet from @beliebjudreyxo : JUSTIN YOU DIDN'T ! 

and we could saw Justin with a girl, having so much... fun.











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