Different from the rest - Titanic - Jack Dawson - Love story

Beth Hockley is Rose's fiancé Cal's sister, but she is the complete opposite of her brother, she is kind and generous and thinks that all first class people are stuck up and rude. This is Beth's story of how she found love on the Titanic.


2. Boarding The Titanic

Cal helped me out of the carriage and as I stepped out I saw a HUGE ship "wow" I said Cal chuckled "Come on we don't want to miss boarding it!" Said Cal I nodded, Cal helped Rose out of the carriage and Rose came over to my side and we walked on to the ship. I walked in to me and Rose's shared room, and placed lots of paintings all over it. Then I went out on the deck, I walked over to the edge of the ship and looked over and I saw dolphins! I had never seen any dolphins before they are so cute! Then I realized that I should get ready for dinner so I went back in to my cabin and got ready for dinner.

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