Different from the rest - Titanic - Jack Dawson - Love story

Beth Hockley is Rose's fiancé Cal's sister, but she is the complete opposite of her brother, she is kind and generous and thinks that all first class people are stuck up and rude. This is Beth's story of how she found love on the Titanic.


1. Beth Hockley

Hi! My name is Beth Hockley, I'm Cal's sister, but we are totally different. I think that all people should be treated equally and that it shouldnt matter how much money they have and that people should not be forced to get married, and should make their own decisions about things like that. My best friend is Rose Dewit Bukater and soon she will be my sister in law soon! YAY! I get along with people really well with people eve my brother even though  we are very different. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I love animals, art, and music. I love dancing, singing, playing the violin, and playing the piano. Well I have to go I am about to board the RMS Titanic, Bye!

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