New York girl

My name is kristina loci, I'm 22 years old and have just moved to the big apple.
Iv left behind my past, the pain, the hate, the memories of what was.
IV run far from what I once was but I can't run any more, I'm staying to tell my story, to tell the world why this girl has fled so far her footprint could be found on every state in America. This is kristina, I died three years ago and this is my story.


1. staying

Run girl you no you can do it, don't stop. Silence, no footsteps behind her, had she out run them, surely not, all legends state vampires can run like women at a Louis Vuitton sale. The silence was starting to scare her, where had they gone? suddenly a piercing shriek and teeth so white they could rival the glow of the red eyes now staring at her. This mans face was a picture of beauty, high cheek bones with a full red mouth and shoulder length black hair. His eyes were hypnotising even though they were covered by thick lashes and his face pure white, he was almost like a doll, too perfect, wait, what, no, don't think about that he's a vampire, a born killer. Trust me too think about how good looking a man is, when that man is about to kill you. Why hasn't he bitten me? he's just staring at me with those beautiful eyes. Then it happened his mouth opened, this was it, he lent forward, I could feel his cold breath on my neck sending chills down my spine, why wasn't I fighting this? I felt his teeth sink into my neck and then whoa, why was he doing that? This man for some reason had started too.... 'Miss loci, Miss loci, are you listening?' 'sorry sir yes, what could I bring to this job? well a lot of things really, as you no iv been to many places....'. I walked out of that huge building feeling proud, Kristina loci had bagged a job, she may not have bagged a home but that was a minor detail she could sort out later. I breathed in, ok maybe not breathed per say but you know what I mean, I could smell the air, New York! new story! this was where I belonged and this was where I would stay. How long before he would find me though, I guess we would have to wait and see. This life could lead me anywhere.

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