New York girl

My name is kristina loci, I'm 22 years old and have just moved to the big apple.
Iv left behind my past, the pain, the hate, the memories of what was.
IV run far from what I once was but I can't run any more, I'm staying to tell my story, to tell the world why this girl has fled so far her footprint could be found on every state in America. This is kristina, I died three years ago and this is my story.


2. buying

Ok I have a job. that's good. Iv just agreed to rent out this little flat, ok its more like a front room and that's it but hey it will do for now, so yes I'm doing good so far. The flat has nothing in it and I have very little money.. hmmm nearest charity shop next stop. Walking in New York is a bit like a fight for survival. All the business people in suits with mobile phones trying to get to the right place at the right time. Pushing and shoving, knowing you will get to the place you need to be soon is the only thing that keeps you weaving in and out of this crowd. If you stop, you will be pushed down and away so you have to keep going. Finally I get to a little shop which is engulfed in a cluster of tatty houses but it will do. I walk in and the smell Is overpowering, the strong sent of old and used surrounding these pieces of furniture that are begging to be realised from this prison. I guess I better help them out. All I need is a sofa, a table and chairs and a bed, there was a loo and kitchen things were already installed. My mind was slowly picking the good out from the bad when an old lady appeared, she asked me what I wanted and when I told her she handed me a cup of tea and went to look for the things herself. I felt bad but then I could always pay her extra and I haven't sat down all day. He moved away from my neck and started kissing me, I couldn't understand why, he was meant to kill me, that was what he was meant to do! I felt a surge through my body slowly seeping into my veins, the world changed, it spun and yet everything stayed the same, it was me I was spinning, I heard the words in my ear 'my name is Lazarus, don't forget me, I will be back for you' I remember thinking if he wanted to come back and kill me why hadn't he just done it now, what had stopped him? then I blanked out. I woke up in.... 'I think you will find these useful miss' 'what? oh thank you!' I paid the lady and said I would come and collect them later, I had forgotten to bring a car,I then left, back to home, hopefully I had enough will power left to walk through that crowd. Hopefully I had enough will power left to get through this eternity.  

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