Chasing dreams

2 best friends, Kelsey and Brittany, move to Ireland for University and it just so happens that One Direction is taking some time off to go to university as well. Kelsey and Brittany both think boy bands are overrated though. What happens when all the boys take interests in them? Will they blow them off? But one of the boys has a big secret, one that could ruin one direction forever. Read to find out what happens :)


1. The big day

Kelsey P.O.V.

"This is it Britt. We are finally leaving this place and doing something with out lives!!" I exclaim. I am really pumped up right now and I probably would have been jumping up and down with excitement if there wasn't some really hot boys sitting a few rows down. Come to think of it they looked really familiar but who cares!!! I'M MOVING TO IRELAND!!!!!! "Yes I know kells, this is really big but that doesn't mean we can act all childish. We need to be more responsible now that we won't be living with out parents anymore." I look over at her shocked. Her.. responsible? No way. "LMFAO YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!!" She outbursts in a matter of seconds. "Ha ha ha you really got me there. I would have never guessed that you were kidding when you said you were going to be responsible." I said with a smirk on my face. "Hey, not true! I can be responsible s-o-m-e-t-i-m-e-s." She retorted dragging out the word.  "Yep sure you can" I replied still smirking. Britt glared at me and changed the subject. "So how much longer is it till they start the boarding for the plane?" "You have a watch, use it" I said, yet again smirking. "Kells..." She whined. "I'm to tired to lift my arm" She looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I rolled my eyes "fineee." I pull my phone from my pocket and glance at it. "Half an hour" She responds by dropping her head into her hands and groaning. I start laughing at her. "Well I'm going for a quick walk to pass sometime. You have to stay here to watch our stuff"  I start to walk away, giggling while I hear her groan again. As I walk away I feel eyes on back, so I turn around to see the hot guys I was checking out earlier watching me walk away. I feel pleased with my self that I had caught their attention and decide to go get a frozen lemonade from timmies and a coffee for brittany. I don't drink coffee. I was gone for a good 15 minutes and as I walk back I see when of those hot guys stand up and start to walk in my direction. I glance behind me to try and figure out if he's coming my way or somewhere else. I am standing in front of a dead end so I guess he is coming towards me. Huh. I glance back at the guy, he has blonde hair that is pushed to the side but still falling in his eyes a little bit, mesmerizing blue eyes, and he's about 5.8 so I am good 2 inches taller. (I am 5.10) "Hey there beautiful." He says, winking at me. "Not interested in random guys I meet at an airport.... sorry" I say while walking away, smirking 'God I got to stop smirking so much' I mentally scolding myself. I quickly make my way back to brittany who is texting on her phone. "Hey" I say and sit down next to her. She glances up at my voice and shoves her phone back in her pocket. "Hey" She responds. "Coffee?" I hold the drink up to her with one eye brow raised. Her eyes widen and she nods eagerly. I hand it to her and take a drink of my lemonade. She looks behind me and asks. "Whats with that really hot blonde guy over there staring at you?" I look over my shoulder as well and see the guy from earlier still staring at me. "He hit on me and I blew him off. He reminds me to much of the blonde guy from One direction." Her face lights up and she spins me on my seat so that I face them. "That is One Direction! Look!!! Curly, Baldy, Quiff, Crazy, and Blondy! " She exclaims.

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