Chasing dreams

2 best friends, Kelsey and Brittany, move to Ireland for University and it just so happens that One Direction is taking some time off to go to university as well. Kelsey and Brittany both think boy bands are overrated though. What happens when all the boys take interests in them? Will they blow them off? But one of the boys has a big secret, one that could ruin one direction forever. Read to find out what happens :)


2. Don't wake her up!

Kelsey's POV 

We both look at each other in horror. "Would all people for the flight going to Ireland please board" We heard a nasally voice say over a loud speaker. With one glance at each other, we draped our bags over our shoulders and marched up to the check in place to board. Neither of us looked at One Direction at all except for when Brittany turned to glare at them all, out of the corner of my eye I saw them glance at each other in confusion. I didn't look at them again. "Ughh finally we are away from them!!" I exclaim when I plop down onto the seat of the plane. I hear Britt groan in agreement.  I put one head phone on and offer the other to Britt, she takes it and I turn on "Counting Stars" by One Republic. I sigh and rest my head against the seat and close my eyes. Just then I hear "Well hi again ladies, may I ask you why you hate us so much?" in a thick English accent. I peek open one eye to see Curly from One Direction staring at me and Britt with a cheeky grin on his face. I sigh and just close my eyes again, ignoring him. "Well although we are having a very nice chat, I have to take my seat. See you guys again when we land" I heard retreating footsteps so I imagined that he walked away. I open my eye's and glance over at Britt who had a scowl on her face. "Just ignore him, you know he is only looking for girls to sleep with." I encourage her. She sighs and closes her eyes while I follow her lead. I adjust myself in my seat to be more comfy and fall asleep, not even noticing when the plane takes off. 

*Skip the plane ride* 

I feel a gentle nudge on my shoulder, pulling me from my sleep. Just then I hear "NO! DON"T WAKE HER UP!!!!" and i recognize that voice as Britt. I peel open my eyes and narrow them right away, I look around to see who woke me up. Of course, it's One direction. I sneak a peek at Britt and she was watching me terrified, she knows to never wake me up. " 'Ello love, just thought to let you know the plane will be landing in 20 minutes. By the way, you look very cute when you sleep" Baldy said winking. Ewww he is trying to flirt me with. I have a disgusted look on my face and I glare at him. "You woke me up to tell me THAT?" I snarl at him. "Wow you're a feisty little one aren't you?" Curly chuckles. "I am feisty but I am NOT little." I unbuckle my seat belt and stand up at my full height. Naturally I am 5.11, but with heels on I look very tall, and they are lucky I am not the kind of girl to dress up to sit on a plane. I narrow my eyes in satisfaction when I become aware that I am taller then all of them. I hear Britt chuckle "You guys might want to leave, and a word of advice? Never wake Kelsey up when she's sleeping, unless you want to get injured." "So your name is Kelsey?" Blondy  asks me, completely ignoring Britt. I am starting to get really ticked off now. "Do you like carrots??" Crazy asks randomly to anyone who was listening. I noticed through all this, quiff never said anything. "Ugh what will it take to get you guys to leave us alone!!" I groan and flop back down into my seat in frustration. "Hmmm, how about a kiss?" Curly offers with a cheeky smile. Britt shoots him a look, and if looks could kill, he would be 6 feet under right now. "How about a kick in the groin?" I offer back, with a fake smile. "Guys, just leave them alone. They obviously don't want to talk to you." Quiff says taking me be surprise. That was the first time I heard him talk, and just saying it was damn sexy. Well actually HE was damn sexy. Gah who am I kidding, they were all sexy but Quiff was the sexiest. They all grumble and don't resist when he starts to push them back to their seats. But before he left he turned around and said "Sorry to wake you up and bother you." I nod to him in reply. Once they were safely seated a few rows ahead, I turn to Britt who was livid. "The nerve of them! How dare they hit on you like that! You probably didn't notice but Curly was staring at your boobs half the time! UGH" She ranted. "I know, I know" I say sighing


Authors' Note: 

Heyy guys!! Hope you are enjoying my movella! And just saying, I love one direction and have nothing against them!! Sorry if I offended anyone! 

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