Good Girl

Bonnie Davis is good girl that obey everything her parents tell her and she is the best student in her school. She got straight A's and have never gotten herself in trouble.

One day she meets Dylan Scott and he's a good boy that also got straight A's. They fall in love, but her friends tell her that he is bad news.

Will she stay away from him or will her whole life change forever?
Read to find out!


2. Good Girl - Chapter 2

We have been dating for about two weeks soon. Everything between us is amazing, We have had our ups and downs but I mean, Which couple hasn't?

I sometimes help him with his homework and he helps me with my pianolessons even though he can't play.

"Princess" I heard someone behind me say. I closed my locker and turned around and smiled.

Dylan stood behind me and smiled. "Hey, don't you have class now?" I asked him as I pulled him in for a hug. "Yeah I do, I just wanted to see you." He said and kissed my forehead.

We started to walk to class together when I noticed that I forgot my books. "I just need to run back and get my books" I said to him and ran off.

I opened my locker, grabbed my books, quickly fixed my hair and brushed down my knee long skirt and then walked back to him.

I heard him talking to someone. "When are you going to bang her?" I heard a unfamiliar voice. I stopped and stood hidden behind some lockers. I know it wasn't right to listen but I had to know who they were talking about.

"I don't know man, She is so old fashioned. I mean have you seen what type of clothes she is wearing?" I heard Dylan answer him. He wasn't talking about me, Right?

I stood up, took a deep breath and walked out from my hiding place. "Oh Princess, Have you been there long?" He asked me with a strange expression. "No I just came, why?" I asked him, I never lied but I had to now.

"Oh no reason" He said and turned back to his friend. "Eyy, See you later" He said and they did a "manhug" before the other guy left.

I walked toward him and grabbed his arm and we started walking to class.


After class I felt a hand pull me, I quickly turned around and saw Amber there. "Soo, there's this party on fridaaay.. You GOTTA go!" She said and jumped up and down making her red hair jump up and down. "I don't know.." I said and frowned. "Come on! You will only experience all of this once in a lifetime. " She groaned. "Well okay then" I said and smiled slightly.

"Yaay! You're literally the best!" She said and gave me a quick peck on the cheek before jumping off.

I walked straight to my locker where Dylan was standing. He leaned down and gave me a kiss, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. There wasn't alot of passion in this kiss..

When he pulled back he rested his forehead against mine and let his blonde brown hair fall down on his sides. "Are you going to Andy's party on friday?" He asked me, I assumed Andy was the guy that was throwing the party. "Yeah, I am" I answered and pulled back to grab my bag and car keys.

"Great!" He said and walked away. "What just happened? He didn't sound happy" I thought to myself but quickly forgot it as I walked to my car. There was a brown haired guy standing by my car.

I started doubting that it was my car but as soon as I saw the registration number I continued to walk to it.

"You're Bonnie Davis right?" He asked and slowly approached me. I nodded slightly and opened the car door. He continued to walk towards me with a unreadable expression. "I'm Jai Torelli, You are supposed to be help me tomorrow, I'm new and don't know my ways around. The teacher said I should ask you.." He said and slightly smiled as he pushed back the hair that was hanging down in his face.

"Oh! Well I'd be glad to help you tomorrow, Lets meet here when the school starts, yeh?" I asked him and smiled as I also pushed back my hair. "Sure, See you then." He said and walked away.

I jumped into my car and drove home.


I threw myself on the bed and let out a loudly sigh as I started to drift into a deep sleep.

I woke up 5am, It was strange that no one had wake me up to eat dinner or anything. I rubbed my hair and got up as I was too awake to fall asleep again.

I got down in the kitchen and started making two nutella sandwiches. I absolutely loved nutella. I can't imagine life without it.

After I ate like 4 sandwiches I walked upstairs to take a nice shower since I had alot of time to get ready on before school.


The clock was already 8.15 when I sat in the car and started driving to school. The drive was slow and I was singing along to alot of songs on the way.

When I was there I saw in the mirror that my hair was a disaster and that I still had my black and white PJ pants on. I couldn't go home, the classes was starting soon so I quickly put on my sisters old hoodie and pulled the hood on my head.

Then I grabbed a pair of uggs that was in the car and got out. I don't even know why that stuff what in my car. Like who has shoes and a hoodie in there all the time.

I locked the car and turned around quickly, I ran into that new guy, Jai. We both fell down. "Omg I'm so sorry. I was supposed to help you but instead I pushed you over." I said horrified and helped him up. "It's okay, I'm fine." He chuckled and brushed off himself.

"So you don't look anything like yesterday, Trying to impress me with a new look?" He winked. I felt how I started to blush. I quickly looked away. "N-No... I got a boyfriend." I answered fast and started to walk toward the school entrence.

I heard his steps behind me so I assumed he was following me. "Oh a boyfriend, And BTW do you always wear your PJ pants to school?" He said and I quickly turned around to see him smirk.

"It's... The new fashion. Don't you guys follow fashion?" I said nervously. "Anyways what's your first lesson?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Ehm, English" He answered. "Oh me too." I said and walked to the english.

When we got there the class had already started. I slowly opened the door and walked in.

"Ms. Davis? Are you late?" Professor Thompson asked me. "Ehm. Yes. I was just showing Jai around, He's new here and supposed to be in this class aswell." I answered and ran off to my seat next to Dylan. "Why were you with him?" He spat out. "Because the headmaster said I had to show him around." I answered quickly and started to concentrate on the class.


At lunch I sat with Miranda, Mandy, Jai and Amber. Miranda, Mandy and Amber flirted soooo much with him but he didn't even notice them. I heard a loud bang and saw that Dylan sat beside me. "Hi babe." He said and pulled me in for a kiss, It was rough and forceful. "What was that for?" I asked him surprised when he pulled away.

"Oh no reason." He said and glared at Jai. I decided to shrug it off and continued to eat.



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