You and Harry finally get married. And, are thinking about having another kid ;)


2. Your Birthday.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone said. " Thanks guys, I'm just happy everyone is together again!" You kiss Harry and the kids. Everyone starts eating their food. "CAKE TIME!!!!" Niall yells. You all gather around the table to sing. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rayna, Happy Birthday to you!" You all eat your cake, Niall wolfing it down.

"Present time!" Louis yells. "Mine is last!" Harry says. Louis and Eleanor give you a charm bracelet, with yours, Harry's and the twins' birthstones. Liam and Danielle get you a Louis Vuitton handbag. Niall and Zayn both pitched in and got you a new tablet. Finally. Harry's present. He comes over to you and kisses you. "You complete me," He says. "Will you marry me?" He holds out a beautiful diamond ring. You cover your mouth and start to cry. "Yes Harry, yes!" You say, crying tears of joy. He gets up, hugs you, and puts the ring on your finger. Everyone starts clapping and throwing confetti everywhere. "Happy Birthday, my love."

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