You and Harry finally get married. And, are thinking about having another kid ;)


1. Without Him.

A year has passed, Dylan and Desiree are growing up fast. You and Eleanor go out to dinner, while Liam and Danielle watch the kids. You and Eleanor order your food, then you both feel a buzzing noise in your pocket. You pick up your phone, seeing that it was Harry. The text said "Babe, sorry this is last minute. Louis and I have to go on a trip. But I swear on our children's lives that I won't miss your birthday. Love you lots ;) xx" Right! Your birthday is next week! "Who texted you?" You said to Eleanor. "It was Louis. He said he has to go on a business trip with Harry." She said. "What about you?" "It was Harry, he said the same thing. The only thing that was different is that he said that he won't miss my birthday." You said.

You invite Eleanor to your apartment, she said yes. You drive there, and you walk in the door to see Liam and Danielle playing with the kids. "We should leave now.." Danielle says. "No, it's fine. You guys can stay." You say. "YAY!" Liam says, throwing Desiree up in the air. "You guys could spend the night if you want." You say. Liam and Danielle look at each other. "Sounds great!" Liam, Danielle, and Eleanor said in unison. I mean, why not. You have a four bedroom apartment. You and Harry share a room, Dylan and Desiree share a room. Then you start thinking about Harry. How you love staring in his gorgeous green eyes at night. How his warm body pressed against yours. You snap out of your daydreaming of Harry, and find everyone asleep. You try to sleep as well. You can't. It's not the same without Harry beside you. You just wish these next few days will be over soon.

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