You and Harry finally get married. And, are thinking about having another kid ;)


4. The Wedding.


Finally, your wedding day. You, Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle are getting ready. When Demi and Desiree walk in. "Look mommy! I'm a princess!" She says, then twirls. "Aww your so pretty!" You say, the pick her up. She puts her head on your shoulder. Then you have a flashback. When the twins were born. When you heard those tiny cries. That was the best moment in your life. "Girls," You say. "What's up?" Perrie says. "What do you think of, you know, me and Harry, having another baby." "That would be amazing! I'd be so happy for you guys!" Demi says. The other girls nod. "Really?" "Yeah!" They all say. Then, it was time to walk down the aisle. You put your vail on. You look stunning in this dress. It was strapless, it had a smooth top and the bottom had ruffles. There were diamonds lined all across the top. You grab the bouquet of flowers. Blue. Your favorite color. You wait until they start playing the music, and open the doors. Well, that happened. You look around. Everything you wanted there to be. Roses lined on the side of the chairs. The walkway, the food, the cake. Everything was perfect. You look up at your groom. He gave you the same look, when he first met you. His smile was bright. Dylan and Desiree clapping. Your perfect wedding.

"Do you take, Rayna Smith, to be your wife."

"I do." Harry says, in his sexy deep voice.

"Do you take, Harry Styles, to be your husband."

"I do." You say, smiling.

"You may kiss the bride."

You kisses. Passionately. Just like your first kiss. It was magical.


Part 3 Coming Soon!


Sorry that this story is so short!

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