You and Harry finally get married. And, are thinking about having another kid ;)


3. The Phone Call

"I finally get to have my dream wedding!" You think to yourself. You look down at the ring. It shines beautifully in the light. You get a text. It's from Harry. "Sunshine, don't worry about the wedding. I've got almost everything taken care of. All you have to worry about is the dress. I don't want a beautiful girl like you to be stressed. I also ordered a little dress and a little tux for Dylan and Desiree. Love you guys ;) xxx" You text him back. "Okay Hun. I made an appointment for the dress shopping. I invited the girls, and Louis. Because, you know, he's got sass ;) lol. Call you later! :)" You always loved the little texts he sends you. Ever since you guys were 16 and 15, when you guys were dating.


"Hey sugar." He says. "Hey," you say. "I know we are just dating in all but, I kinda planned out our wedding. We will have...." The talk would go on for hours.


Ah, seems like yesterday. You go into the kids' room (yes they still share a room) and play with them. "Mama," Dylan says. "*gibberish*" he points at your finger. You look down, he's pointing at the ring. "Yeah Dylan, mommy and daddy are getting married." Desiree starts clapping, Dylan follows. Even though they have no idea what that means. They have always been good kids. They never fight and they are always playing together. Your phone buzzes. A call from Harry. "Hello?" You say. "Hey darling." He says. You giggle. You have always liked the nicknames he called you. "Hold on a second," You put the phone on speaker phone. "Hi daddy!" Desiree yells in the phone. "Hi pumpkin! Where's the oth-" "HI DADDY!!!!" Dylan interrupts. "Hey you little rat! Rayna, I'll be home soon. Okay?" "Okay." You say. "Bye." "Bye." You hang up. Desiree looks at the phone. "Where's daddy?" She says, sadly. He walked through the door at that moment. "Honey, I'm home!" Pretending to be Ricky from I Love Lucy. The twins run and hug him. You walk behind them, and kiss Harry. "Welcome home." You say.

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