The Elements

6 girls are all in danger because of their Element. The Elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, and Dark. The girls must fight for their Element and keep it safe from the Collectors who take the Elements. The Elements are good but if the wrong person has all 6, the Elements will be nothing but evil. Meet Wynter, Jenna, Casey, Alice, Robin, and Emma. Together, they are unstoppable.


1. Introducing Us

  Wynter: The bad girl. Nobody really knows why she is always so mean and unkind. She doesn't have any friends. Don't get in her way or you'll be sorry you did. *straight black hair and dark eyes*

 Jenna: The sports jock. She completely ADORES sports and is very active. She only has a few friends which are all BOYS. She's easy to talk to but talks way to much about boys. *straight brown hair and blue eyes*

 Casey: The book worm. She spends all her spare time reading and reading and reading. She only has 1 friend, Emma. She's really smart and always has the answer to any question.* wavy light brown hair and brown eyes*

 Alice: The open hearted girl. Alice is sweet, caring, and so generous. You may think she has many friends but she doesn't. She gets bullied by everyone because she's short and tiny. She likes to look on the bright side of every situation. *curly brown hair and green eyes*

 Robin: The goth/emo girl. Nobody hangs with her. Nobody even knows she is ALIVE. She doesn't really mind though. All she wants is to be alone. She's one of the background people at school. *wavy black hair and gray eyes*

 Emma: The quiet girl. Every since her older brother died, she vowed to never talk again. Her best friend,  Casey, is always there for her and always have been. Casey knows why she is quiet and tries to cheer her up everyday but nothing works. Emma is depressed. *dirty blond hair and light blue eyes* 

 You will soon find out their secrets, fears, and Elements...

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