The Elements

6 girls are all in danger because of their Element. The Elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, and Dark. The girls must fight for their Element and keep it safe from the Collectors who take the Elements. The Elements are good but if the wrong person has all 6, the Elements will be nothing but evil. Meet Wynter, Jenna, Casey, Alice, Robin, and Emma. Together, they are unstoppable.


6. Chapter 5: Running For Our Lives

 Alice's P.O.V.

 She is a fire Elemental! I was soon free and the Collector was against a tree. "Run!" she exclaimed as she took my arm and started running. I ran to but her legs were longer and faster. The Collector was coming, I know. Suddenly, we stopped in front of black monster things. Creatures form the Dark. "I'll handle this" I told her and stepped towards them. I gripped my necklace and chanted a Russian sentence.

Sushchestva iz temnoy, pust' svet sverkhu oslepit' vas. Proch' fol zveri! Nikogda ne vozvrashchayets'!


 Wynter's P.O.V.

 Pipsqueak chanted some words I couldn't understand. Maybe it was Greek. A bright circle appeared under her and a bright light too. So bright, if I opened my eyes, I'd be blind. The light was gone and I could open my eyes. The monsters were gone and the Collector was close behind us. "Let's go!" I said, while taking her arm and running again. We ran until we were out of breath. "Come on!" I gasped while trying to run again. I froze. We ABSOLUTELY CAN'T GO THROUGH THERE!!

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