The Elements

6 girls are all in danger because of their Element. The Elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, and Dark. The girls must fight for their Element and keep it safe from the Collectors who take the Elements. The Elements are good but if the wrong person has all 6, the Elements will be nothing but evil. Meet Wynter, Jenna, Casey, Alice, Robin, and Emma. Together, they are unstoppable.


15. Chapter 13: The Water Elemental

  Jenna's P.O.V.

 "You're the Water Elemental." she said and I froze. What did she say? I'm no Water Elemental! Is she going crazy? If she were someone else, I would laugh right in their face and walk away, still laughing. But the crazy look in her eyes made my voice go and hide, and it took a while to find it. "W-What are you talking about?" I said, my voice cracking. "You're the Water Elemental. See look!" she exclaimed while holding out a supposed-to-be dark blue but it was glowing so brightly, it looked like the color of the sky on a warm, spring day. What? No. No, no, no, no, no! This can't be true! This must be some kind of practical joke! It has to be. So I mustered all of the confidence I could and said "You're joking. This is not real. Leave me alone." I tried to walk away but she grabbed my arm and didn't let me take another step. "I'm not lying, you stupid tomboy. I'm telling the truth. You're an Elemental, like me. And you better deal with it because I need your help to freaking save the freaking world!" she exclaimed. What if she's not lying? The bad girl in school didn't have enough patience for pranks. But I can't be an Elemental! My father would have told me! He wouldn't lie to me, right? But not mentioning doesn't mean lying... "Okay. So what? The world's not in any trouble! You guys don't need me, you and your group. The world is fine, it's safe." I said, hoping I sounded more assuring than I felt. "You don't pay attention to anything, do you? There are Collectors everywhere working for the King! He wants these Elementals to become all powerful! We need to get these to their rightful owners and warn them! The Collectors can be anywhere! If they all fall into the evil hands of the Dark King, the world is doomed!" she practically yelled. Now I was scared. I tried to swallow my fears but it all just keep coming back up. It's okay, it's okay. We're going to win this game. We'll be the champions. Just think of the trophy, think of winning. Get your head in the game. You're going to win this! I took a deep breath and said, "Okay, then. When do I start?"

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