The Elements

6 girls are all in danger because of their Element. The Elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, and Dark. The girls must fight for their Element and keep it safe from the Collectors who take the Elements. The Elements are good but if the wrong person has all 6, the Elements will be nothing but evil. Meet Wynter, Jenna, Casey, Alice, Robin, and Emma. Together, they are unstoppable.


14. Chapter 12: It's Her

 Wynter's P.O.V.

  The following day, I went to school ready to find the Elementals. The Gems felt cool in my hands and I felt weird holding them. Like they didn't belong on me. Because I'm a Fire Elemental. I told myself. They don't belong on me. I entered the red brick building also known as my school and immediately, the black Gem began to glow. I looked up from the Gems and found a hallway packed with students. This is going to be hard!

  Jenna's P.O.V.

  After my morning soccer practice at 6 a.m., I quickly changed out of my soccer uniform and into jean shorts and a purple T-shirt. I quickly raced to school, which I didn't mind since I run laps before soccer practice. The hallways were packed and I could barely get to my locker. When I finally got there, someone had beaten me to it and was waiting. Waiting for me. What's she doing here? Then, I saw the girl's face. Uh-oh. It's Wynter, the bad-girl of the school. Why's she at my locker? Does she know it's mine? She seemed to be looking at something in her hand. Maybe she's just hanging out there, not knowing it's mine. I walked to my locker carefully, not wanting to disturb her. When I got to my locker, her eyes widened and she finally looked up.  "You," she said. "Come with me. Now.'' I had no choice but to obey. She took me to the nearest bathroom and told me something I could never forget. "You're the Water Elemental."

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