The Elements

6 girls are all in danger because of their Element. The Elements are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, and Dark. The girls must fight for their Element and keep it safe from the Collectors who take the Elements. The Elements are good but if the wrong person has all 6, the Elements will be nothing but evil. Meet Wynter, Jenna, Casey, Alice, Robin, and Emma. Together, they are unstoppable.


13. Chapter 11: The Gems

  Wynter's P.O.V.  

 I heard my mom scream and ran over to her as fast as lightning. "Mom? What's wrong?" I panted when I reached her. "Nothing, nothing. Just a-" she hesitated. "a nightmare." My mom almost never got nightmares. If she did, she'd call me over to comfort her. But she never, ever screamed. "Do you have to tell me something, sweetheart?" she asked, gazing into my eyes. "Actually...yes." I admitted. "That girl that I brought over, I saved her. From a Collector. She had a blue gem on a necklace. It looked like the Collector wanted it. Then, he saw my silver bracelet with the red gem. He said that he got two Elementals instead of one. We-" My mom interrupted me. "Oh, my. This..this! The Gems!...Elementals!" she exclaimed. "Mo-" I tried to say. "Oh, dear! I can't believe this! I!" she said even louder. "MOM!" I yelled. "I'M A FIRE ELEMENTAL!" It sounded more like a question than and exclamation. ''Honey, I know. So was your father. But he was killed. By the Collectors. Luckily, I managed to salvage the bracelet. For you." she explained. "Why me?" I asked. "Because I don't have the power. When you were born, the power of the Fire Elemental was passed on from your father to you." "Are there others?" I asked again. "Yes. Like you said, that girl you met, she was an Elemental. She's a Light Elemental. There are exactly 6 Elementals. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light and Dark. For years, the Collectors have been killing the Elementals but the powers were passed on. Finally, it is time! It's finally time!" my mom laughed, got out of her bed and walked over to an empty space on the wooden floor. She lifted a floor board, and took out the 4 Gems. Black, dark blue, white, and green. "You must take them to their owners. They will glow brightly when you're near. Together, the 6 Elements are unstoppable. But, careful, that will also be a bad thing. If the Collectors manage to get all 6 Gems, the world will never be the same again. And that's a bad thing. So please, Wynter, please be careful!" my mom pleaded. "Don't worry, mom! I will." I promised. "And mom? Your leg..." I said. "I feigned my broken leg. If the Collectors came here to look for the Gems, they wont suspect a poor lady with a broken leg!" she exclaimed and climbed back on her bed. I laughed. "Go find them tomorrow. Look in your school. They're around your age." she said and fell asleep. I gave her a small kiss on her forehead and headed towards my bed. 

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