What Can I Get for You? (On Hold)

Hi my name is Sophia Meek and I am 19 years old. I Go to Uni in London but I want to be on Broadway in NYC. I love singing dancing and acting, I want to perform and put a smile on people's faces. I currently work at a Starbucks to pay for my college courses. But when a boy walks into the shop and completely melts my heart how will I be able to balance a relationship with my own dreams. Meeting him could be the best thing that has ever happened to me or lead to the largest heartbreak ever.


2. Meeting Him

“Hi what can I get for you?” I say to the costumer that just pulled up to the drive thru window. “I would like a white mocha and your number please” he says in a thick Irish accent  I look put the window to see a very familiar blonde boy looking at me from the window in his car. It is Niall Horan from One Direction, I am not a directioner but they are ok I just don’t have a lot of free time to look into them. “Ok that will be $3.96 and in your dreams.” I say smirking at his bad pickup line. “Ok thank you” he says handing me the money as I give him he drink. As I put the money in the cash register a phone number falls out. It says

Call Me


-Niall XOXO

                 I Grin at his cheekiness before inserting the number into my phone before turnning to a costumer that just walked in. It is about 11:30 p.m and I finally get to go home. I get in my sky blue Minnie Cooper and drive home. I turn on the radio to here a news woman talking about One Direction tour dates. This reminds me to call Niall but decide to save it for the morning.

                When I get home the T.V is on and Lilly is watching E news. I go and sit down next to her as she asks about my day. I tell her about meeting Niall and she freaks out because she has a thing for boy bands. Then she tells me about her day and we both go off to bed. I change into my p.j’s, brush my teeth, wash my face and climb into bed falling into a deep sleep.

                  I wake up the next morning and immediately climb into the shower. I was my hair and shave my legs before emerging feeling fresh and new. I have classes today at 12 so I dry my hair and straighten it before putting on some light makeup and going downstairs for breakfast.  I walk into the kitchen greeted by the smell of bacon I see Lilly at the stove cooking so I make us 2 cups of coffee and go and sit down. Lilly comes over with the bacon and some eggs. We eat and by the time we finish it is about 11:00 am so I go upstairs and grab my purse, I run back downstairs grab my phone and keys off the counter and get in my car to drive to class.

                  After about 5 minutes of listening to the radio I decide to call Niall just to see what he wants.  He answered on the 3rd ring and greeted me with a friendly hello. I say who I am and I can practically see the grin on his face. "So why did you want me to call you I ask him "so I would be able to talk to a pretty girl" he responds "Oh thank you" I say a little wary of him "So I was wondering if you would like to go to lunch and get to know each other?" he asks me "I would love to but I have Uni classes today" I say a little disappointed but relived at the same time that I have an excuse not to go. I really don't have time for a boyfriend between work and school and I don't want to have to choose between a relationship and my dream; I am shaken from my thoughts when I hear him on the other line say "Well when do you get out of classes" "5:30 why?" I ask confused "well what if I pick you u from school and I can take you out to dinner?" he asks "That sounds great but what will I do with my car?" I say not completely on board. "I will tell one of the lads to pick it up. "Ok but that car is my baby so it better not have a scratch in it when I get it back, understood?" I ask him "yes where do you live and what kind of car do you drive so I can tell Louis to get your car" he says I give him my address and tell him what kind of car I drive then I tell him where I keep a key hidden so Louis can get in the car. "Ok thanks I will text him now" Niall says after I give him the information "great well I have to go now or I will be late for classes see you tonight" I say "See you tonight love" he says hanging up. I pull into a parking space at my school, get out and walk into my first class of the day.

A/N well that is the first chapter, I hope you liked it sorry that it is kind of short. Plz like favorite and comment.

Lots of love


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