What Can I Get for You? (On Hold)

Hi my name is Sophia Meek and I am 19 years old. I Go to Uni in London but I want to be on Broadway in NYC. I love singing dancing and acting, I want to perform and put a smile on people's faces. I currently work at a Starbucks to pay for my college courses. But when a boy walks into the shop and completely melts my heart how will I be able to balance a relationship with my own dreams. Meeting him could be the best thing that has ever happened to me or lead to the largest heartbreak ever.


3. Dinner

It is 5:35 and class is running late, I have been texting Niall occasionally throughout the day. Now I take out my phone and tell him that I am going to be late.  He says its fine and I turn my attention back to the boring lecture on the business side of fame. I am only half listening so when the teacher dismisses us it takes me a minute to get up and leave. I text Niall saying that I am on my way out and when I go outside and he is waiting for me in a re mustang I climb in the passenger side and we pull out of the parking lot. "So where are we going?" I ask more interested in breaking the awkward silence that has fallen over us than anything else. "Well I was thinking that  we could go to Nandos  and then just walk around London for a little while." he says smiling slightly "sounds great!" I say returning the smile. We pull into Nandos and Niall asks the hostess for the usual spot. We are seated at a small table and immediately are visited by a waiter. "The usual Mr. Horan?"  the waiter asks "Yes and whatever the lady wants" he says in reply. "I will have a the same thing please" I say to the waiter before he walks away. The food comes about ten minutes later and we both start eating.  The food is great! "So what classes do you take at Uni?" Niall asks starting conversation

"Well I take drama, music, dance, design and a few other required courses" I say once I finish my bite of chicken.

"Oh that is interesting, what do you see yourself doing in the future?" He asks seeming genuinely interested.

"I want to be on Broadway. I am transferring to Julliard next year and hope to make it big" I say getting excited about my plans or the future.

"That is really cool I could ask my management to help you get in the public eye" He offers considerately.

"Thanks but if I do get a career in the business I want it to be because of my hard work and talent not because of some people that I don't even know manufacturing me into a star. But the thought was sweet" I say with a small smile.

"I understand but eventually you will have to accept help" he says with a tentative smirk

"And when I accept this you will be the first I call"

*After the date at home*

I get home and immediately jump in the shower washing off all the grime and work and craziness of today and drowning in my thoughts.

 All of my thoughts immediately go to Niall. He is so  sweet, kind, thoughtful and gentle; I could easily let myself be swept off my feet by him and just loose myself but I know that if I let myself fall I know it will jeopardize my future and all the dreams that I have. I have worked so hard, with school, and work, and my dreams that I am constantly trying to make a reality. I know that falling for him would make all that worthless so when I get out of the shower I grab my phone and erase every trace of him from it but not before sending him one last text that read:

I'm sorry but I can't do this.



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