All Is Fair In Love And War

Sabrina and Louis have been dating for a while now, but what happens when not 1 but 2 other 1D members have a crush on Sabrina will she stay with Louis or fall for one of his band members?


2. It Shouldn’t Have Happened

Sabrinas POV

As Niall came closer his eyes became a very dark shade of blue. His hands then wrapped around my waist, as he pulled me closer I got really nervous as to what he was going to do. I tried to back away but, his grip was to strong he grinned as he looked down at me and moved his face closer to mine. Just as he leaned closer to my face I heard Zayn behind us he then cleared his throat. Me and Niall jumped away from each other quickly.

“Was I interrupting something?” He asked with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Um…no” I said nervously as I looked at Niall who had a big smile on his face. Was he going to kiss me? No, I was dating Louis. Why would he kiss his best mates girlfriend..

For the time remaining we sat and watched movies in silence Niall kept staring at me and when Zayn noticed him he nudged him and they started to whisper to each other. After like 20 minutes of them whispering Niall got up and walked out.

“Why did he leave?” I asked.

“He had some were to be” Zayn said with a sympathetic look growing on his face.

“Oh.” I said not trying to get in to it that much I could tell he didn’t want to talk about it. After sitting in awkward silence a little longer Zayn decided to go home we said goodbye and he left. 2 hours later Louis walked in he was smiling as if today was the best day ever

“What are you so happy about” I smiled as I kissed him on the cheek and wrapped my arms around his neck. He was silent, looking in his eyes sent shivers down my spine. I never knew that they were that light of blue they were like crystals.

“Best Song Ever came out yesterday and we just got notified that we beat the VEVO record for most views in 24 hours!!” He said almost screaming.

“That is amazing, babe!” I said jumping into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist.

“And there is one more thing I think you will love” He said getting even more excited.  He reached into his back pocket and took out two…

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