All Is Fair In Love And War

Sabrina and Louis have been dating for a while now, but what happens when not 1 but 2 other 1D members have a crush on Sabrina will she stay with Louis or fall for one of his band members?


1. Close Your Eyes

 Sabrinas POV:

 “Close your eyes” Louis said as he was digging through his pockets. I did as he said and closed my eyes.

“Open” He said, and as I slowly opened my eyes I was not expecting what he was holding in front of me……. A Ring!?

~1 Week Before~

Louis and I have been dating for 2 years and I really love him but something has changed. Louis and I aren’t around each other as often any more he has been spending a lot of time with my best friend Eleanor.

This morning I woke up and found a note that said:

          “Be back soon love,

                    Louis xx”

He was most likely going to see El again… I decided to text Zayn he was my best friend I told him everything, I think he knew more about me then Louis did some times.

       To: Zayn

             Heyy so I was wondering if you could come over today?  

       From: Zayn

           Im with Niall so im going to bring him too be there in 10 :)

10 minutes later I heard a knock on my door and before I could answer in came Zayn followed by Niall. Zayn had his hair done in his signature quiff and was wearing a “Cool Kids Don’t Dance” t-shirt with black jeans and white Nikes, typical Zayn. Then Niall came in wearing a plain black t-shirt with blue jeans and white Nike high-tops like Zayn.

“Hey Bri” The boys said in unison.

“Hey” I replied. Zayn then excused himself and when to the bathroom, I went to open my mouth to say something when Niall started toward me..

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