A Hidden Angel

Lilian has been a model for years and was very confident with where her career was going. One day she was called to her bosses office, and wasn't expecting to see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sitting across from him. Lilian wasn't a big fan but she was a little starstruck. "Lilian meet your new best friend" her boss said with a grin. She wasn't looking forward to this, but Justin looked like he was.


4. Sorting it out

Lillian's POV

I don't know what came over me when Justin and I were talking. I should just forgive him and then forget it ever happened!

"Lillian? Are you okay?" I heard Ari speaking in her ever so softly voice.

"Yeah, come on in." I slowly sat up on my bed so Ari could sit with me. She slowly opened the door and made her way to my bed.

"So, I don't know if you heard...but I talked to Justin." Ari said playing nervously with her hair.

"What he say?" I asked eagerly.

"He said he's really sorry for what happened in the past, and even though he was the one that made you hurt yourself....I think you should forgive him."

"Ari...I was thinking about it, and I am really glad he wants to start fresh, but I can't shake the feeling that it's not over. The bullying, the teasing, the arguing." I was now tearing up. I need to stop being so emotional!

"Oh Lilian, don't be upset. C'mon how about you and I go get ready together. I'll go tell Justin to go home and be back here by 8. He's going to be your date and you guys are going to settle things out!" Ari was now off my bed and halfway down the spiral stairs.

"Ari! He has a girlfriend!" I yelled

"Who cares, you need to sort things out!" She yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Oh how I love her. She always know how to make me feel better. But I don't want to ruin 'Jelena', by going to a premiere with Justin as friends. There was a lot of rumbling and whispers going on downstairs. So I got up to see what was going on.

As I made it downstairs I saw Ari with her makeup designer.

"Lilian meet Johanna, she's going to make us look gorgeous, so sit down in this chair and be prepared to be amazed!"

I did as I was told and sat down. As we were getting ready Ari decided she would play some music.

*And all I need is a Beauty and a Beat!

Who can make my life complete!*

"Really Ar?"

"Sorry, but if you're going to sort things out with Justin you need to get the fever first, the Bieber fever!" Ari was trying to be funny the only reason why I laughed was because that had to be one of the worst jokes I've heard, and she was dancing. She is right though if I want to get sorted with Justin, I got to know more about him.

2 hours later

When Ari and I were finished getting ready, we sat on the coach and watched Etalk.

Reporter- "If you love Ariana Grande's new album, you will have to stay tuned because later we will have interviews, pictures, and answers from Ariana and her friends! So stay tuned, next on Etalk we are going to be talking about Justin Bieber's previous 10 music Mondays! What do you guys think of it? Tweet us at @EtalkNews with your opinions!"

I was about to shut off the TV but Ari stopped me.

"Lilian they're here! Justin just texted me! Grab your shoes and lets go!" Ari ran to the door and grabbed her shoes.

Ari was wearing a pink semi-tight dress with a thin white belt around her waist. Her hair was gorgeous as always, curled with a pink bow in it. I was wearing the same type of dress, but mine was turquoise with a black belt and my hair was now died darker into a chestnut brown and straightened.

I shut off the TV and made my way to the door.

"C'mon Lillian!" Ari yelled while pulling me out of the door and running to the limo.

When we got into the limo I saw the last person that I wanted to see; Selena. I don't have anything against her, she's just trying to hard to get Justin's attention. Now since she models with me I have to mentor her. Fun right?

"OMG Lillian you look stunning! And Ari, you look drop dead gorgeous! I can't wait to get to the party." Selena really excited about this party. She's acting like she's never been to a party. But she sure did look amazing.

"Oh and Ari I hope you don't mind but Justin invited me to come and be his date!" Selena cuddled into Justin's neck. I have to admit it he looked pretty awkward.

"No problem." Ari faked a smile and rolled her eyes. She gave me a sorry look and told the driver to go.

"So...who's all going to the party Ari? I don't want to be the only dude there." Justin asked trying to get Selena off of him.

"Well we have One Direction, Cody Simpson, Demi Lovato, Austin Mahone, 5SOS, The Wanted, Scooter, my family and a few other celebrities."

"I can't wait to meet Cody!" I said excitedly

I looked around the limo and saw Ari and Selena giggling at me. Justin on the other hand seemed a little upset. His knuckles were clenched so tight that they started turning white. Relax dude.

"I can totally set you up if you want Lillian I talked to Cody once before." Selena commented.

"No I'm fine, if I'm going to do things right, they're going to have to go a little slow, I don't like to rush into things without thinking about it." When I said that Justin almost looked a little relieved.

We talked for about another 10 minutes before we pulled up to the red carpet that led into the party.

"Okay guys we're here. So that means to smile walk forward and answer a few questions. Also, don't forget to stop and pose to take a few pictures for the paparazzi!" Ari looked so excited and I'm not going to lie, I was really excited myself.

"Okay let's do this!" Selena screamed and yanked Justin out of the limo.

"Let's do this girl, together." Ari and I linked arms and stepped out of the limo to be blinded by flashing lights.

Here we go.



Sorry it sucked and that it's a short chapter! I've been doing so much lately :(( I promise I'll try and update more often!

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I love you all! You're all beautiful!

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