A Hidden Angel

Lilian has been a model for years and was very confident with where her career was going. One day she was called to her bosses office, and wasn't expecting to see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sitting across from him. Lilian wasn't a big fan but she was a little starstruck. "Lilian meet your new best friend" her boss said with a grin. She wasn't looking forward to this, but Justin looked like he was.


1. New Best Friend?

Lillian's POV

I was finally done doing shows for the week. I was kind of upset that I still had to do paperwork and fittings, but a models gotta do what a models gotta do . So I walked into my little dressing room/office to get all my stuff so I could head home. I put on my robe and grabbed my phone. 

"Where is my bag?" I asked myself. I remember leaving it right here before i went to the show.


Who could it be now? 

"Who is it?" I screamed looking for my bag.

"It's me Lillian, your new assistant Amy, I have something to tell you." Amy seemed a bit shy while walking into my room.

"Yes, hi I'm Lillian. I've met you before you were Christa's old assistant right?" I asked pulling my hair out of the bun it was in. 

"Yep that was me, but now I'm here to assist you." Amy looked at me. She was very pretty. She had shoulder length hair, green eyes, and she was short. 

"Well thank you but I was just heading back to my place." I said pulling out my phone and checking to see if Ariana has texted me.

"Lillian before you go, the boss has asked if you could join him in his office for a quick meeting." Amy scribbled something down on her little notepad.

"Oh, ok but can you tell me if Ari calls my line while I'm there. We are supposed to go out and celebrate her new album "Yours Truly" release."I asked Amy passing her and heading into the hall. 

"Oh and can you look for my bag? I swore the last place I saw it was in my dressing room"  

"Yes, of course that's my job!" She giggled and headed in the other direction.

I got to my bosses office door and knocked. I heard laughing, which I have to admit was very strange. He never laughs or smiles unless he either gets a ton of money or is on his high. 

"Yes? Come in!" His deep raspy voice boomed through the hall. 

I was opening the door when I realized that all I was wearing was my robe and my undergarments. 

"Shit" I whispered to myself so my boss couldn't hear me.

"You wanted to see me Mr. Sandler?" He looked up and saw me standing in the door way in my robe. I didn't mind if my boss saw me like this because he sees all his girls like this. Yet when I saw the back of two heads sitting across from him, I got a little nervous that he wouldn't appreciate me dressing like this to a meeting with people who I assumed didn't work here.

"Ah yes Lillian, I would like to introduce you to Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Justin Bieber." My boss said pointing to the two people who were now standing right in front of me.

"Hi, I'm Lillian, its nice to meet you."  I shook Selena's hand and waited to shake Justin's, but he was just looking at me and smiling. I was getting a little uncomfortable with him staring at me with his girlfriend being right beside him, so I made my way to my bosses fridge and grabbed an iced tea. 

"Well Lillian, Selena wants to start modeling with us and I thought that since you are the most experienced model, you could be like a mentor to her?" My boss asked giving me daggers. 

"Yeah, sure sounds lovely!" I faked a smile and walked over to my bosses desk and sat across from him. To my luck I was sitting beside Justin, and then Selena was on the other side of me. When Justin finally spoke up everyone turned to face him.

"Well its nice to meet you too." Justin said shooting a small smile in my direction. Everyone else laughed except me. I rolled my eyes and turned my focus back onto my boss. Does he remember anything that happened in the last few years? 

"Alright so Lillian, Selena will be following you around for the next month or more so she can see what its like to work here as a model." My boss was now up and across the room checking pictures of me and the other girls at our past shows. 

"Ok, Selena? Do you have a place to stay?" I asked her hoping she would say yes.

"Yes, I do. But I was wondering if you wanted to come and eat dinner with me and Justin tomorrow night?" She was standing in front of a picture of one of my best shows. 

"Well, I'll have to see, but i would love to" I lied, I really didn't like her, she throws away everything for Justin, and she acts like she's the queen of the world!

"Alright that's great!" Selena said grabbing Justin's arm and hugging it.


"Sorry Mr. Sandler." I said while ignoring the call.

"Its alright you're free to go now, but before you leave, here's your bag." He said pulling my bag out from underneath his desk.

"What was that doing here?!" I asked a little louder than expected.

"Well I had to get you to come one way or another." He said with a cheeky grin on his face. 

I grabbed my bag and headed for the door, but just before I opened it Mr. Sandler coughed and pointed to Justin and Selena. 

"Selena, Justin, let me show you to my dressing room." I said in an un-amused tone.

"Yay! I just know we are going to be best friends!" Selena grabbed Justin and skipped out of the door in front of me. This is going to be a loooong month.



Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I dont hate anyone. I dont hate Selena its just her character. I hope you guys are liking it, comment or like it..well if you like it xD

Much love, 

Haley xx

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