A Hidden Angel

Lilian has been a model for years and was very confident with where her career was going. One day she was called to her bosses office, and wasn't expecting to see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sitting across from him. Lilian wasn't a big fan but she was a little starstruck. "Lilian meet your new best friend" her boss said with a grin. She wasn't looking forward to this, but Justin looked like he was.


3. Forgive and Forget

Lillian's POV

I was on my couch flipping through channels trying to find something to watch. Justin told me to wait here and relax and calm down. Even though he was right, it's really hard. My dad wasn't picking up his phone, neither was Ari, and to make things worse, I've been thinking about my past. When I was 3 my mom died in a car accident. My dad has been travelling the world for work and he's never around. That's why he gave me money to buy a house here. I snapped out of my train of thought when Justin came in with a tray of cookies. 

"Hey, I found some cookie stuff and made them, I hope you don't mind." Justin was wearing an apron and oven mits. 

"Haha, hold it right there." I grabbed my phone and took a picture of him with the cookies. I posted it on instagram and twitter. What is wrong with me, he made my life hell. I stopped thinking and continued to post the picture.

@justinbieber made me my favourite kind of cookies! Oatmeal & Raisin! Isn't he sweet?   

After a minute or two people started to make my mentions sky rocket. I read some of the tweets and most of them were so sweet.

@lillian_martinez @justinbieber Aw Lilian he looks so happy! Whats your secret?!

I read that tweet and smiled. It was one of Justin's "Beliebers" so I decided to make their day and follow them, RT, and reply to them. But what did they mean by what's your secret? I'm not making him happy, am I?

@Beliebersince94 To be honest I dont know, but whenever I mention you guys his smile is ear to ear :) xx And Justin says he is doing a follow spree! I'll make sure you're the first! Love you guys!

Justin and I started eating the cookies and watched family guy. I asked Justin to go on his phone and check out my recent tweet, RT it, then follow as many beliebers as he could. Making sure the account I responded to was first.

"Wow you really care about my beliebers dont you?" Justin asked me, clicking follow to as many people as he could.

"Well yeah, I think its amazing how many you have, I always wished I had fans like that!" I said with excitement in my voice.

"Well dont worry you will" He said posting a tweet.

@lilian_martinez @Beliebersince94 I dont know what she does but she succeeds every time! She really cares about #Mybeliebers So ALL of you should go follow her! 

After he tweeted that i gained like 30 thousand followers! I was really happy and I think Justin could tell. But at the same time I was curious, why did he say I succeed all the time, this is the first time in years we've seen each other...does he remember?

We watched family guy for probably an hour and a half. I lost track of time until Ariana walked through the door with Jai.

"JAI!" I screamed and ran over to him. 

"Hey beauty!" Jai twirled me around then placed me down beside Ari. Jai is like a brother to me. He can be a big dick sometimes, but he's very protective and sweet. I'm pretty sure Ari saw Justin because Ari gasped and grabbed me and took me up the stairs to my bedroom.

"What the hell is Justin doing at your place? What were you guys doing? Was he being a douche like he was last time you talked?!" Ari was now pacing back and forth, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Ari, its fine, nothing went on and I dont think he remembers anything that happened last time he saw me." I said while laughing.

"Okay but he isn't coming to my album release, I mean he can but I dont want him to mess it up!" Ariana tried to calm down which I thought was hilarious.

"Don't worry I wasn't planning on inviting him, I think its time he should go." I said, as rude as it was, it was true. I walked down the two flights of stairs. Thinking how upset he may get.

Ari followed behind me and we hear Jai and Justin talking on the couch.

"Oh hey babe!" Jai said to Ari. "I invited Justin to your party tonight." He said with a smile. 

"Really Jai?!" Ari went over to Jai, pulled him off the couch and brought him to the kitchen and explained why he shouldn't have done that. So while we heard them whispering and fighting I walked over to Justin and sat down beside him.

"Why doesn't Ariana want me at her party, does she hater me?" Justin asked rubbing the back of his neck.

"There's a really long story for the reason she doesn't want you to go, but I don't think she hates you", I said with a frown.

"Well we obviously have time plus Jai and Ari are in the kitchen talking about me...so why can't we?" Justin awkwardly moved further away from me and waited for an explanation.

Justin's POV

I was waiting for Lillian to explain to me why Ari didn't want me at her party. I was anxious to find out, because I always thought Ari liked me. Like Scooter promotes Ari all the time! Yet he's not the only one, I help too! I snapped back to reality because I heard Lilian's sweet voice.

"Justin? So do you want to hear why?" Lillian asked me.

"Sorry, and yes that would be nice. I was planning on bringing a very pretty girl to her party." I said winking at her.

Lillian looked me in the eyes and gave me daggers.

"Okay so, I was working at my modelling agency, and you were there performing, so anyways I was one of the new models and wasn't as pretty as the other ones. Well that's what you said. You would always beat me down verbally and then one day when I had enough you told me I was worthless and wasn't good enough for the job."

By now I was feeling so much guilt and sorrow, and didn't remember any of it. "Then what happened?"

"Well that night was the night I met Ariana, she saw how I hurt myself, and she brought me to her place and I told her everything." She continued while tears streaming down her face.

I shuffled closer to her so she was now centimetres away from me.

"I was a wreck and when I saw you at my bosses office I couldn't believe that you were back! Especially with a new girlfriend..."

"Lillian, I'm so sorry, I was caught up in the fame and didn't know what to do :( " I leaned in and gave her a hug. She backed out of the hug fairly quickly.

"Now I feel as if my past is repeating itself! I'm going to go to work and everyone will remember what you and the other models did to me!" She quickly stood up and ran to her room.

"Lillian! Wait!" I shouted to her.

Right when I was about to go after her, Jai storms past me and without saying one word walks right out of the door...today is not a good day.

"J-Justin, w-what's going on out h-here?" Ariana stumbled on her words with a little whine in her voice.

"Lillian told me why you didn't want me to come to your party" I said while walking towards her to give her a hug. Again I got rejected.

"I'm sorry Justin I just didn't want Lillian to get hurt again, just like how I did." Ari stared at the front door for a good three minutes.

"Did Jai break up with you?" I asked fiddling with my fingers.

"Yeah, he got really jealous of me hanging out with my guy friends, but he'll be back...hopefully" Ari trying to make it as clear as possible.

"Well once again, I'm very sorry for hurting Lillian and you, if I have in any way." I gave her an apologetic smile.

"It's alright, forgive and forget...right?"



Sorry about the short chapters, just trying to build up some drama! :D

What will happen with Jai and Ariana?

Will Lillian forgive Justin?

Do you think Justin should get invited to the party or just crash the party??

Comment? Like? Only if you want to! Okay peace off!

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