A Hidden Angel

Lilian has been a model for years and was very confident with where her career was going. One day she was called to her bosses office, and wasn't expecting to see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sitting across from him. Lilian wasn't a big fan but she was a little starstruck. "Lilian meet your new best friend" her boss said with a grin. She wasn't looking forward to this, but Justin looked like he was.


8. Addiction

Lilian's POV:

I've been up in my room for two hours and every once in a while I would hear faint knocks on the door and a pleading Justin asking if he could come in and talk. I was too upset to talk, so I would ignore him and then he would sigh and walk away.

I'm way too embarrassed to face him after what I said. How could I be so stupid to tell him how I feel, even though I don't know what to feel! He's probably texting Selena and telling her that I have feelings for him, which will only make things worse for me. Not only will I loose a "friend" but I will most likely loose my job too.

I needed to go to the washroom and unfortunately the washroom was across the hall. I couldn't let Justin see me like this, like I've just crawled out of a sewer. My hair was going in every direction it possibly could, my makeup was running and I had a tear stained face, and my clothes...I was wearing some old baggy track pants and an oversized sweater Ari gave me.

After about fifteen minutes of me complaining on how I look like and how terrible it would be to have a run in with Justin, I finally built up enough courage to slowly open the door and peek my head into the hall.

To my luck, Justin wasn't in sight. So I jumped at the opportunity and tiptoed to the other side of the hall and into the washroom. I shut the door, locked it, and made my way to my cupboards rummaging through my things.

When I finally found the secret latch to the hidden pocket in my cupboard, I opened it and pulled out the white powder.

If Justin, Ari, my boss, and if my dead mom found out they would all be disappointed in me. I was disappointed in me. I grabbed a razor and a five dollar bill.

I lined up the powder and made sure the money was tightly rolled.

"Okay Lil, you can do this, it makes you happier, it makes you stronger, it makes you, you!" My thoughts screamed at me.

I stood there for a few minutes just starring at the powder perfectly lined up.

"Okay, on the count of three" I whispered to myself.

One. Two. Three. And with that the first line was gone.

I already started feeling more relaxed, yet so much stronger. My thoughts were right, this stuff made me become a better me. This stuff was in my routine now. I needed this stuff.

"Lil? Are you in there? Can we please talk?"

"Shit!" I whispered to myself.

I heard the door starting to slowly open. I got up as fast as I could and slammed the door right in Justin's face. I thought I locked it!!

"Ouch Lil! What the heck was that for!? Can we please just talk?" Justin said annoyed and obviously upset.

"Don't call me that! You can't call me that! Only my parents were allowed to call me that! What are you even doing here Justin?! I don't need your help! I don't need you here!" I screamed, my voice cracking near the end because tears were threatening to fall.

I turned back around and went to the counter.

One. Two. Three. The second was done.

My vision started getting blurring. Not only from the tears but from the effect this stuff had on me. I heard shuffling and a small gasp behind me. That's when I knew that Justin has just walked in on me, that I forgot the lock on my door was broken, and that I was now shaking and bawling my eyes out.

I was expecting Justin to start screaming at me and telling me how bad this stuff is for me. Telling me that this stuff could easily kill me. But instead he came up to me, picked me up and engulfed me in a hug.

With his arms around me I couldn't resist him. But I tried. After I buried my head in his chest and cried. I couldn't speak, I couldn't make eye contact, all I could do was cry.

"Lillian, you know this isn't good for you, and that you shouldn't be doing this." He said rubbings back. I slowly nodded in response.

We stood there for about twenty minutes just hugging each other.

"Do you want to go and watch a movie downstairs with me?" I made you dinner." Justin said pulling me away from his chest.

"O-Okay, you didn't have t-to stay here a-and make me dinner, you could've j-just went home" I quietly sobbed, whipping some of my tears away.

"I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to." He said pulling me into another hug. I couldn't help but have a small smile on my face.

"Okay, let's go." I fixed my hair and walked with him downstairs.

"I set up some pillows and blankets if you want to lay down with me on the couch." Justin spoke while he walked into the kitchen.

"Thanks" I replied. Maybe this guy wasn't so bad after all. My addictions effect was calming down.

I slowly sat myself on the couch pulling the blankets over me. I looked at the TV and saw that Justin was recently watching 'Stuck in Love'

"Lilian do you want some water? I can grab you some." Justin said standing in the door frame.

"Yes please that would be nice." I said to him. He smiled and waked back into the kitchen.

Seconds later he came out with two glasses of water and some sour patch kids.

"Justin, you don't have to call me Lilian, I was just mad at the time, and ya know my parents used to call me Lil so it's a touchy nickname." I said glancing up at him.

"I'm sorry I called you that, I should've asked you if you were okay with it." He said crawling under the blankets behind me. I know we don't have a thing going on, but in that moment it just felt right, I felt safe.

"So I see you were watching a chick flick?" I pointed out to him.

"Yeah, it has my favourite actors in it, and it seemed decent, so I put it on." He smiled.

"Okay...so what are we going to watch?" I asked looking through the movies on demand.

"I was thinking we should watch something like Valentines day."

"Nah, how about we watch, Stepbrothers?" I said selecting the title.

"Yeah I'm down with that." Justin chuckled.

"Okay, Stepbrothers it is." I said playing the movie.

Justin's POV:

After seeing Lil in the bathroom, I felt like I needed to protect her. She was addicted to one of the most deathly drugs. Cocaine.

I watched her as the movie was playing. To be honest I barely watched the movie. Lil was so fragile and small. I like when she's close to me. I never felt this way with Selena and I'm glad that Lil told me that she loves me, because I think that I love her.

I was snapped out of my train of thought when Lil got up and said she was going to the bathroom. I stood up after her and grabbed her wrist.

"Don't worry Justin, I won't do anything except do my business." She said rolling her eyes.

"Okay but if you're in there too long, I'm coming in!" I said as I pulled her in for a hug and kissed her head.

As she walked away, I remembered that I left her dinner in the microwave so it would keep warm. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed her dinner.

I made her, her favourite. Spaghetti. Which was also my favourite. I had some garlic bread and a few meatballs on the side. I grabbed her plate and walked out to the living room.

"Lil? Are you done?" I called out.

"Yeah, coming now!" She called back.

As she walked out shyly in her comfy clothes, I couldn't help but smile.

"Hey, what's this?" She asked pointing to the plate of food.

"I told you I made dinner, and it just so happened to be your favourite." I smirked at her.

"Wait how'd you know that spaghetti's my favourite?" She asked while plopping on the couch.

"I was watching some of your interviews on YouTube from when you were like sixteen." I said pushing the plate towards her.

"Justin...that was three almost four years ago!" She giggled.

"I know"

"You're too much." She said while twirling her fork in the spaghetti.

Lil kept eating and eating and eating. It took her a good hour to finish her food. When she was done she leaned back and cuddled into my chest. I don't know if she meant to, but after a while of laughing at the movie her breathing slowed down.

I lifted a piece of her hair away from her beautiful face. I admired her while she was sleeping. Her perfect features were to die for. I can't believe this is the girl who got made fun of a few years ago. The worst part being that I was the one that was making fun of her. I'm going to make it up to her, I'm going to help her get over her addiction and be there for her every step of the way.



Wooooah Lilian does drugs?!

Do you think Justin is being nice towards Lil?

Will Justin keep hiding his feelings from Lil and Selena?

I would like to thank all of you for being so flexible with my jam packed schedule. I love you all! <3

I'll try and update tomorrow or the next day!

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