There's something about the summer that makes you feel like anything can happen.

18 year old Isabelle Blake has always heard people have a good and bad side to them. She has reasons to believe she brings out the bad in people. Her theory is proven correct when she meets a perfect and charming (so she thought) familiar face stranger, when in England visiting her dad, future stepmom, and stepsister/bff Mollie.

Meeting him was luck, liking him was just a disaster waiting to happen.


2. The Encounter

"They should be out already." Mollie said trembling in her seat. The two of us were siting amongst thousands of screaming fans impatiently  waiting for the band one direction to come out and perform. If I hadn't just got off a nine hour flight I would probably be screaming instead of yawning. 

"Wake up Isabelle." Mollie said clapping her hands in front of my face. "Any minute my boyfriend will be on stage." She added. "And who might your fake boyfriend be?" I asked her.   "He is a hundred precent real and Liam obviously." She said snapping photos of the arena. "And I totally forgot to fill you in about me Louis. Yeah we broke up a while ago. Turns out he had a girlfriend." I joked. We both broke out into laughter. 

I reached down to grab my wallet out my purse. "Where are you going?" Mollie inquired as I arose from my seat. "To find a concessions stand." I told her. "Bring back some candy floss." 
"Cotton candy." Mollie said imitating an american accent. "Got it." I said. "Here take your mobile with you. So if they should come out I will call you and hold the phone up." She suggested. I grabbed my phone from her hands and began walking towards a concessions booth. Once I finally got into the open space no one was in sight. 
        Everyone must have been already seated heavily anticipating for the show to start. I wandered over to a concession stand and no one was behind the counter. I placed my phone down and just as I was getting ready to call someone for help. I saw a person running down the hall. 
       I thought I was imagining it, but it was actually Liam Payne walking in front of me. I picked up my phone to get a picture for Mollie...and myself. "Do you work here?" Liam asked rudely.  "No." Was all I could allow myself  to say. "Then why are you just standing there?" He asked me. 
"Do I look like I work here?" I asked . 
"I'm going to go with a no." He said coyly. I looked down the hall to my left to see if anyone was coming to put an end to this. 
"My name is Liam, but you probably already know that." He said extending his hand. I ignored him and checked the halls again. When I turned back around Liam was jumping over the counter. "So what will it be miss?" He asked. I just looked at him. 
"Either you've lost your voice or your just too nervous to speak in my presence."
"You have got to be kidding me. Are you always like this?" I asked him.  "Always like what babe?" Liam asked. "Never mind ." I said shaking my head. Out of nowhere he started leaning closer to me, grabbed my chin, and pulled my face closer to his.  Our faces were inches away from touching. I swatted his hand away from my face. 
"I was looking at your eyes." He defended. "How cheesy." I replied. "No really I was looking at the different colors." He stated. My eyes were in fact two different colors. My right eye was green and my left eye was hazel. "Its called Hetrochromia."I told him. 
"Anyway  rainbow eyes you never said what you wanted and I hate to tell you I'm not not on the menu."He said sounding very arrogant. "I never thought out of all them, you would be this way." I said earnestly. "How adorable another fan disappointed by me yet again." Liam said sounding bitter.
After that I turned around to leave feeling somewhat terrible. "Rainbow eyes I didn't even get your name." He shouted at me. I didn't even turn around to look. "Then you'll never know I guess." I said dying to turn back around and sing my name! 

"Are you sure about that love. After all you did leave me your phone so that I could retrieve it." He said. I quickly patted my pockets and my phone wasn't in any of them. I must have left it on the counter. When I turned back around Liam was already gone. They way I see it he could possibly return my phone before the night is over or this was going to get very interesting.

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