There's something about the summer that makes you feel like anything can happen.

18 year old Isabelle Blake has always heard people have a good and bad side to them. She has reasons to believe she brings out the bad in people. Her theory is proven correct when she meets a perfect and charming (so she thought) familiar face stranger, when in England visiting her dad, future stepmom, and stepsister/bff Mollie.

Meeting him was luck, liking him was just a disaster waiting to happen.


1. Prologue

The moment we met I wouldn't exactly call it fate. You were everything I didn't imagine, a nightmare I couldn't resist. It only took a minute to realize I wanted to forget he had even saw me. He was so very different in person and absolutely nothing I expected. All it ever took was a kiss that stole my breath, made my heart race uncontrollably fast,  and left me incredibly weak. I never planned for any of this to happen nor did I want it to. It was the summer I realized nothing can last forever and fairytales are for those who actually believe in happily ever afters. But just like any other, story they were meant to deceive. I Isabelle Blake can shamelessly say I'd fallen for Liam except he wasn't..

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