Broken and Alone a One direction fan fiction

Cassidy Pretty,Madison Hayward and Alexa simons are best friends in high school.They have a perfect life popular,pretty on the cheer squad what more could you want.Well thats what Two of the girls think because they dident know the pain that one of the girls was going throue and the worst part was that this girl wasent aloud to tell anyone.Intell they meet five boys that help them throu Drama,Romance and Heartbreack


2. School

 Cassidy's POV

  I walked into the school and saw that it was empty,Shit im late.I ran to my locker and put my stuff in and then headed to English.I walked in to the class and sat down in my seat.

   "Excuse me Miss Pretty why were you late today"my teacher Mr.Hunt asked me.The whole class started to laugh but Mr.Hunt looked confused.We are all laughing because He has to call me Miss.Pretty.

   "Excuse me Mr.Hunt i had to help my mom with my little brother who got hurt"i lied 

   "You are lucky no detention for you"he said and went back to teaching his stupid English lesson.

   After English i had a class with Maddie and Alex.I walked down the hall into our giant gym and changed in to a pink tanktop and black short shorts and put my hair in a pony tail.Madison was wearing a yellow tanktop with black short shorts and rist bands.She wears those rist bands everyday like she even wore them to the school dance.Alex was wearing a white tanktop with blue short shorts.I studdied the girls and they were both really pretty both of them are prettier then me.

  "Hey Cassidy"Maddie and Alex said from behind me

  "Hey guys"i said

 Me Maddie and Alex were knowen as the popular pretty cheerleaders that every guy wants to date but we arent the mean kind of popular girls we are nice.

   "Hey Alexa"Adam said.Adam is the one guy in school that wont leave Alexa alone because he likes her so much but she keeps rejecting him.

   "Please Adam leave me alone"Alexa begged

   "Ok"Adam said leaving

   "We got Cheer Practice tonight"Alexa said

   "Oh i can't make it"Madison said

  "But Maddie its Practice for reginols you don't want to let Coach down"i said 

   "Im sorry i just can't"She said running away

 There is something up with her and im gonna figure it out one way or another.

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