Broken and Alone a One direction fan fiction

Cassidy Pretty,Madison Hayward and Alexa simons are best friends in high school.They have a perfect life popular,pretty on the cheer squad what more could you want.Well thats what Two of the girls think because they dident know the pain that one of the girls was going throue and the worst part was that this girl wasent aloud to tell anyone.Intell they meet five boys that help them throu Drama,Romance and Heartbreack


3. Please

  Madison's POV

   I wanted to go to Cheer practice really bad but if i don't go home i will get punished by my Dad so im gonna ditch school go home and do what he wants me to do then go to Cheer.I walked up on my front porch and knocked on the door.Ya i know its stupid to knock on your own door but last time i just walked in he punished me.

   "Come in"my dad said

 I walked in and sat on the coach.

   "What do you want brat"my dad asked

   "Can i please go to cheer practice"i begged

   "No now come here now"he yelled

  I walked into the kitchen to see him holding a knife.

   "Now you get punished"he said and stuck the knife into my shoulder.

 I droped to the ground in pain and cryed.Get to your room.he said

 I walked up to my room and healed my my big cut on my shoulder.I sat on my bed and cryed my eyes out.This would all be Ok if i could tell someone and have some support.I took off my Rist bands that revealed my cuts I have no reason to live so why dont i just die.I took out my phone and decided to record a goodbye messege.

      Gemma's POV

  I was on instagram when i saw that my friend Madison posted a new video and i was crying by the end.Luckly Harry and Louis came to vist so i had someone to drive me over there

    "Harry,Louis can you drive me somewhere right now"I yelled running down the stairs

   "Sure thing sis"Harry said while getting in the car along with Lou.

  Once we got there i ran out the door and into Madison's House.I ran upstair's to see her lying on the ground bleeding.

   "Louis call and ambulance harry get up here now"i yelled

 Harry came running upstairs and gasped when he saw Madison

   "Go over and confort Alexa"I said pointing to Alexa who was on the floor crying.Harry went over and told her it would all be ok

  One minute later Cassidy walked in and saw Maddie on the ground and she started to cry her eyes out

   "Cassidy listen to me shes gonna be ok"i said

   "Why dident she tell me"she said

   "I dont know i thought she had an amazing life Nice,Pretty,Popular and on the cheer squad i dident know she was abused"I said

   "What she was Abused"Harry asked

   "Aparently sence her mom died"I said

   "When did her mom die"Harry asked

   "When she was six"Alexa said

   "So she had a horribal child hood"Harry asked

   "Aparently"Cassidy said

   "The ambulance are on there way"Louis said

   "OK"i said

    "Now will someone tell me what happened"Louis said running in

   I handed him my phone so he could watch the video.After he watched the video he was in tears.

   "OMG is she gonna be ok"Louis asked

   "I think"i wispered to him

  Cassidy ran off crying and all i could think of is she will probaly do something stupid.

   "Go chase her Lou"i said

   "Why i need to help the girl"he asked

   "She is the girls best friend she could do something very stupid"i said

   "ok"he said and ran out

   "They cant both die on me"Alexa said

   "They wont"i said

   "They might"she said

   "Just think postive Alexa think positive"i said as the ambulance came up



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