Broken and Alone a One direction fan fiction

Cassidy Pretty,Madison Hayward and Alexa simons are best friends in high school.They have a perfect life popular,pretty on the cheer squad what more could you want.Well thats what Two of the girls think because they dident know the pain that one of the girls was going throue and the worst part was that this girl wasent aloud to tell anyone.Intell they meet five boys that help them throu Drama,Romance and Heartbreack


6. It was my fault

  Alexa's POV

    I woke up to see an empty hospital room this made me sad because like if you just got stabbed in the back you would expect someone to come right?Moments later my thoughts were interupted by my cousin Megan coming in.

 "Omg Al are you alright"she asked

 "Yes"i said laughing 

 "How did this happen"she asked

 I looked down and told her about Maddie and her dad.

 "You are such a good person standing up for one of your best friends"she said smiling

 "Well i try"i said smiling

 "Ummm excuse me miss but are you feeling any better"the nurse asked

 "Yes and how is Maddie going"i asked

 "Maddies fine its Cassidy who is hurt"she said

 "What i dident know cassidy was hurt what happened"i asked

 "She jumped off a very tall cliff and broke her leg but Luckly mr.Tomilson caught her and made sure she dident hit the ground to hard"she said

 "Can i get up for like two minutes"i asked her

 "If you are feeling fine then sure"she said with a smile

 "Thank you i said running over to where i heard the boys and gemma laughing.I saw Louis and jumped on his back hugging him

 "Thank you Thank you Thank you"i said

 "For what"he said laughing

 "For saving Cas"i said walking over to see Mad

 "Hi Mad's are you felling good"i asked her

 "Yes thank you are you"she asked

 "yes i am now i got to go see Cas with in the next thirty seconds"i said walking out

 "Ok"she said laughing

 I walked into Cas's room to see her asleep so i decided to wright a quick note.

  Dear Cas

        Don't you ever try to kill yourself again you scared me so much.When you get home from the hospital Madison has to rest for three weeks but i don't have to rest so i will be there to help you throue it all.Anyway love you babes don't ever try to Kill your self again.


  "Its all my fault"i heard Madison say from her room

 "No its not"I heard Gemma say

 "Ya it is if i wasent so stupid and tried to kill myself my two best friends wouldent be in the hospital"she said

 i got up and walked into her room

 "Mad its not your fault at all im here because of Keith and Cas is here because she is emotinal"i said

 "Thanks Al"she said

 "No Prob"i said

 Minutes later Cas came in in a wheel chair

  "Ummm i think i broke more then just my leg"she said

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